Tiananmen Square


Today’s the anniversary of the whole Tiananmen Square shebang. and they’ve got it all blocked off and such. I was listening to NPR today and apparently the majority of young Chinese don’t even know what happened. I guess the whole country is in kind of denial of what went down, and they don’t teach in history and what have you. perhaps zepp could shed some light on this matter?

If the majority of young Chinese didn’t know what happened, there’d be no need to lock it down

The company I work for has a few plants in China. On Friday I pushed out a group policy to all their computers that sets the wallpaper to this image:

Young people tend not to be political or be much aware of anything but the present; look at our own country, where few under the age of 25 actually vote, despite the posters of Che Guevara everywhere and the numerous Facebook political petitions. For instance, most kids in this country probably don’t know or care about the various movements in the 1960s.

If only he was a samurai. =\

At 00:36

If that’s the case then I can only hope that in 25 years history will repeat itself.

Tea Bagging movement for the lose. ::doh::

Did someone say Holocaust?


Ironically enough, I just so happened to have written about this issue in my last BLOG UPDATE. How do you like that for a plug?

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Dude, you have a blog?

did they run that guy over? is there a vid? can i has?

Indeed. I’ve had a blog off and on for the last few years, starting with when I first took off for France. I’ve been trying to keep some kind of document about my wild and crazy adventures - unfortunately, I’ve lost a lot of the stuff I’ve written in some of those, because I was too lazy to do things like back up databases. A number of my past threads here originally came from those blogs. I haven’t been keeping a blog for a while, partially because I’m lazy and partially because I’ve been really busy with my new job. When I went to cancel my webspace account the other day, I accidentally clicked on “renew for 2 years” instead of cancel (this is why you shouldn’t store your credit card details in company databases kids), so rather than lament the decision, I thought I’d start up a new blog instead. Make the best of the situation.

No, they didn’t run the guy over. He was eventually grabbed by some of his peers and dragged off. To this day, nobody knows what happened to him. All we have are four photographs taken by foreign journalists on the day of the events (personal video cameras weren’t so common twenty years ago). You can read an interview with the photographer of the most famous shot at my blog (plug it in plug it in).

I think i saw this on Fam Guy.

Random differences of the 60s from the 00s: No Soviet Union, MAD* or draft anymore, society has digested the 60s and 80s more or less typecasting them, riots and demos are nothing new for the press, no one gets shocked by swinging hips and if Sartre had a magazine nowadays, no one would give a damn.

Finding successful strategies for today is what matters if you care for that kind of thing, not playing 60s dude. Besides, who entertains communism today? See what worked, what didn’t (60s dudes getting power and revealing they were assholes) and do your thing.

Are you kidding me? In school we had to cover that shit in history at least every other fucking year.

i’m 15 and this is the first time i’ve ever really learned anything about it. I live in Washington.
my point being that i don’t think the schools give a shit about this.

Perhaps I am overstating the ignorance and apathy of young people, especially in China. The Tianenmen protest itself was largely staged by the young.

60s, those were the days. i remember them well.