Thunderstorm awareness: you know it's a good thing.

I was thinking: What if an RPGCer was going to or through Oklahoma or any surrounding state? What would they do if a thunderstorm flared up?

Well, you see, In the four months of April, May, June and July, massive thunderstorms reap through the part of the United States known as Tornado Alley. Of course, you know why it’s called this, right? thwaps dumbass who doesn’t Yes. It’s because a special kind of thunderstorm commonly wrecks shit in Oklahoma: The Supercell. It is unique. It has a core and all like many storms, but it also has much more intense lightning (try a statewide average of 30 cloud to ground strikes every minute), it has a hail core , and huge fat raindrops and intense winds. In fact, last night just happened to be the second time ever recorded in history for non-tornadic winds to hit 100 miles an hour. They said to treat it as if it were a tornado. On an even higher note, does this date mean a damn thing to you? May. 3rd. 1999. If you know this date as an ominous one, then you have heard. The biggest tornado ever recorded: if the scale for winds even went that high, it would have been an F7 tornado. As it stands, the scale goes up to F5. When a tornado like that goes over, it’s not looking to take any prisoners.

There are people out there whose job it is to chase storms and basically find out how intense it is. Most work for news stations. Some are thrill-seekers. Others are both, and just plain nuts because of it. I know a guy, my friend Craig, who actually viewed the ‘F7’ from underneath. How did he do this, you ask? It’s a thing called a storm shelter, a basic necessity for most Oklahomans. Basically a wired, piped concrete hole in the ground with a door, it is the only non-basement haven for those in the path of a supertwister.

Holy !@$#. I feel like I wrote a nova or Nature episode.

Get offline, turn off the computer, maybe even unplug the computer just to be sure. Then watch the thunderstorm or screw it and continue what I was doing.

Same here. Probaby take a walk in the rain. ^^ I love thunderstorms. Invite lightning to strike me. <_<;

Thunderstorms are rad.

Meh. Wouldn’t bother me any.

Lighting is so fasinating. I rarely see it anyway. When there’s a thunderstorm, it’s better than the 4th of July.

Thunderstorms don’t bother me, even if they’re particularly nasty. However, there’s nothing like tornadic weather. The clouds churn and the sky darkens and literally turns a sickening hue of green. That, coupled with the blaring tornado sirens, the wind kicking up, and chunks of ice falling from the sky in the middle of June, is absolutely surreal.

Waking up to sirens at 4 am from a dead sleep and sprinting to the basement…now theres an adrenaline rush. >.>

Thunderstorms, wee! We have little to no extreme weather in my part of Norway, sure it gets windy and it rains a lot and the sky can flare up with thunder as if it was daylight, but nothing that lifts properly constructed roofs or kills or hurts anyone. Nothing to wake you up in the middle of the night or to make you look out the window. We had dust bowls in the early 1900’s though, so that’s always something to, um, brag about?

<img src=“”> It a good idea to get off the computer anyway, as you run the risk of frying your computer or other electronics if lightning hits close enough. Trust me, I lost two tvs, one Gamecube, and a computer to two seperate thunderstorms. It not fun replacing them. Oh and welcome to RPGC if you survive the storm.

Thunderstorms are for wimps. A real man’s weather is a snowstorm.

Thunderstorms put me to sleep. I sometimes go out spottinf if the weather is bad, and between the engine of my truck, the rain taps on the roof, and the thunder, it’s hard for me to stay awake behind the wheel.

One time in particular, this thunderstorm blew up in the pre-dawn AM hours, woke everyone in my house up but me. I was half-awake. Ya know, where you are asleep, but aware of things going on around you. Well, my wife asks “Why are you smiling ?” (she hates thunder storms) and i answered her, “Because, i love it.” and that was it for me, out cold. I don’t know what it is about them, but there’s just something about thunderstorms that is a balm to my spirit.

meh… I’ve had a few thunderstorms this past month. A few tornado touch downs as well. Nothing big.