Three year Retrospection...

Yeah, so… It’s been about two and a half to three years since I’ve shown my goofy face around here. And as soon as I even begin to type out www.rpgc… etc, I realize… this is something totally new to me. I am not the same person that spent hours/days/weeks at a time lurking on these very boards years ago. So much about me has changed, so many of my plans shot down or changed. My life is completely different than I ever would have imagined… And this is about the time that you either find a new thread to read because you really don’t give a hoot, or you expect a long story/list/blah of my life the past few years… in good time, my friends, in good time.

Also, I suppose you can consider this a “Hi, I’m new here” thread, because I see lots of new people… But suprisingly enough, a lot of familiar ones, too…

Anyhow. Back in the day I was roughly the epitomy of fat loser nerd boy. Ya know, the glasses, pimples, computer knowledge, shyness, ugly as sin, social anxiety, bi-polar, extra 70 pounds, and whatever else that usually comes with that specific title. I had a friend, and that was it. Then I found RPGc, and it really opened up my life, as corny as that may sound. Working on the FFIV ET shrine, I was doing something that I loved, that other people appreciated, and I met a lot of great people. That’s probably a good a place to start as any. I realized that not everyone sucks so much and hated me. Just the assbags that populated my high school. Social Awakening.

I was scheduled to become a metalhead/rivethead. Music has been my main source of entertainment and release for as long as I can remember. My first girlfriend changed all of that. (By the way, my first girlfriend didn’t show up in my life until I was 18) We were together for two years almost on the dot. We grew into Emo/Screamo kids together. She was a big influence on my changes.

Anyway, in the past few years, I’ve lost 70 pounds, got rid of the glasses, managed to somehow turn into some sort of extremely hot guy (according to the ladies around me), I currently have 15 piercings, lots of sex, and my music preference has changed… And I transformed from a nerd to a geek. It really doesn’t seem like a whole lot laid out in a list like so, but… it’s amazing. And of course there are a lot of small changes, but…


There was supposed to be some sort of meaning to all of this, but I think I forgot it.

I decided to check this place out again because I recently acquired Trillian, and I felt the need to hook it up with a nifty IRC channel that doesn’t suck, and the RPGc channel was what popped into my head first.

This weekend I hung out with a lot of hard-line punks, and it only made me realize just how much of an emo kid I am. But it’s alright, I wouldn’t change a thing.

:enguard: But I suppose I will never forget my roots…

'sup Excalibur

Besides being one of the first staffers and everything, you’ve showed up exactly twice before this (that I know of), although your posts weren’t nearly as deep or open as this one

Hello. I don’t know you, but that’s on cool transformation.

Yeah, this is true… and I didn’t really stick around very long either of those time, except when I attempted the SoM shrine. 'twas a flop, considering I lost 'net access for a while. But that was even two years ago.

And it’s interesting to note that while my post count that I had acquired long ago is gone, the rest of my info was still here today.

Hey man, welcome back.

I currently have 15 piercings, lots of sex, and my music preference has changed


Welcome back, Excalibur. Sounds like you’re doing Ok, that’s good to know. Curiously, my Third Anniversary here is coming up soon, too, and Im planning to make a thread to celebrate, as well.

There’s nothing wrong with being a geek. I’ve been one all my life. I used to feel bad about it, until I realized I felt that way because other people told me it was wrong, it never caused me any problems (that I wouldn’t have had if I were ‘normal’ anyway) and, more importantly, I realized I was happier with my life than all the people who complained about me where with theirs. :mwahaha:

Well, hope you enjoy the place again, it has changed in many ways, mainly for the better, honest.

One question: …What the heck is an “Emo”.

:fungah: Wilfredo Martinez: He may be ‘cool’ but he’s still pretty clueless.

It’s that whole pink shirt/tie/dress shirt/tweaky sun glasses/longer haired thing.

…like a nerd mixed with a guy with good hair…or bad hail (long/=mullet?) not all the time for guys of course.


Emo, being overly emotional, as compared to these “normal” people. Poem/song/story writing with strong emotional messages, images/etc. Usually associated with music, like Dashboard Confessional, Simple Plan, Trapt. Screamo is just like it except music is more… screamy. Like The Used. Also the long hair, tie, dress shirts, pink, etc.

I got to make you a birthday thread in 2003, Excalibur. That was the first time as Staff that my birthday thread was made before yours. :slight_smile:

Dude, its nice to see you back :D.

Who was that masked man?!

984: Hah, yeah, I remember that… I was always just too quick for ya…



Sin: Yeah yeah, I think it may be good to be back

They never truly leave.

I mean, heya.

Well…hello and all that!

Hi. I’m one of the new faces. I’ve been here for about a year, so I don’t remember you.

I know what its like to ‘come of age’. Hell, we all should.

If I ever go back in time just a couple of years, I will kill myself. Time paradox be damned, I’m doing it.

Really? Like, the opposite happened to me while I’ve been here. And for some reason, I still came back… (Actually, the reason is pretty simple, and a lot more personal than the majority of anyone here needs to hear about. So NYAH.)

But I digress. insert overdone welcoming remarks here

And if anyone still has any questions about what emo is, just go watch Spider-Man 2. Seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

I come and go at random, but I remember you, welcome back. Sounds like your life has made some good changes.

Yes yes, tis great to be back… and yeah, DK, some good changes… but just today I think maybe time overdid it a little bit. I used to complain that I couldn’t even get a girl to talk to me. Now I have to beat them off with a stick.