Three Hundred and Eight [308]

Three Hundred and Eight.

That is the number of VHS videotapes I have in my collection as of this morning. Most of it is blank VHS tapes I’ve used to record various programs and then have never watched (never time to watch any of my massive f’n archive).

Yeah, I counted it all. Heh.

Archiving and recordkeeping has always been a compulsive behavior of mine. I’m just weird like that. Some of these tapes date back to the early 90’s, and a couple go back to THE MID 1980’s (or, in other words, are older than some of our RPGC residents. That’s kinda disturbing).

And, ironically, given my obsession with lists and such, over half this archive is unlabelled.

This is too f’n much, even for me. And so today begins THE GREAT PURGE.

I’m gonna be getting rid of tapes of stuff I don’t want. I’m gonna be getting rid of tapes don’t play. I’m gonna be gettind rid of tapes that are crap I’d be embarrased to admit are in my collection. I’m gonna be even getting rid of stuff that’s even kinda okay but just isn’t all that great, because I want to trim down to the really good shit.

I might even sell some stuff on Ebay or some crap like that if I can organize some good collections out of it (a season’s worth of episodes from a given show, for example). But mostly I’ll just be throwing stuff out [after destroying the tapes first, of course, lest they be dug up and used against me someday; cuz I’m weird like THAT, too.]

The target is to get back down into double digits at least, maybe even as low as 50.
As of right now, I am down to 281 from the original 308. This is basically eliminating stuff I know by the label I can just get rid of. After this, I’m gonna have to pop each tape in, one by one, and subject them to a quick “quality review session”. Bad quality tapes are GONE. Tapes of bad shit are GONE, unless they are in really good condition and hence have potential for re-use.

Stuff I really want will remain.

This should clear up a lot of space in my room. I have too much of this stuff. I have too much stuff in general (never sell back my textbooks either, in 5 years of college. And I’ve got so much f’n scratch paper with drawings and writings and so on and crap…who knows if I’ll ever get to that stuff…)

What sort of shows do you have taped? Any really cool ones?

An admirable collection of VHS. Unfortunate that it must diminish.

I thought this was a 308th post question thread at first.

Good luck flogging your tapes.

Burn them, burn them all! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! cough

I suppose I could burn a couple of them, a little bit, if it would make you happy Epic. I’ll burn one for ya.

I’m more of the cutting and shredding the actual tape part inside (DESTROY EVIDENCE!!!) and maybe take a little batting practice with the plastic shells.