Three freaking thousand. Shit.

As the more astute of you may have noticed, I have recently passed the three thousand post mark. If you count my pre-wipe posts, I have almost twice that.

All I can say is that it’s been a long, strange trip. Emphasis on the strange part. :smiley:

This is just a thread to say…well, dammit, I love this place! Never before in my life have I belonged to a community like this, and damned if I don’t love every minute of it. I have found my niche on the net, and it is good.

So here’s to RPGC and all of the fine, fine [strike]freaks[/strike]people who make it what it is. Here’s to many more years of good times. And just for the sake of nostalgia, here’s to naked lesbian twins. Cheers! raises a stein

That said, the mods may lock this at their leasure. :hahaha;


You post to much. Go outside and get a tan. NOW

Bah, counting all my pre-wipe posts, I should be at about 8 000 now. I’m a biger loser than you! Ha!

Aaaww, aren’t the little geeks cute. With my combined posts I have about 700.

sounds about like me jango. I might have an overall average of 1 post per day even if we hadn’t been eaten by the worms.

My real penis is still bigger and better than your e-penis.

I’d have close to three thousand if I had all my posts counted. Oh well, I’ll be here awhile.


Bajebus, I just got over 100, and I’ve been here for almost a year now.

yay, I’m already pushin 42.

ON another messageboard I post at, I was at 14000 before the whole server got wiped.

Nobody cares.

GG’s point was that this is a great place, not that his imaginary penis is 3000+ posts long. Cheers! raises glass

It’s a shame 90% of them are spam.

I’m glad this proves I’m not totally at the top of the list when it comes to having the most posts ^^

It’s a shame you dont know the difference b/t spam and flood.

I’ve been here for a year and a half and look, I’ve almost got 1000! :smiley:

Anyway, well done GG and long live this message board!

Last I checked making 3 posts that get locked for immense stupidity with almost no replies on them are considered spam. And also last I checked you can spam and flood a chat, but you can’t flood a board. Now go do something constructive like getting your schwantz torn off when you decide to finally make your move on your vacuum cleaner you sick, sick fuck.

Can I sue on behalf of the vaccum cleaner for sexual abuse?

does a dance

I only care about the 1000, then I’ll get a new toy! Yay!

dances with Jing :kissy:

I get to be on that jury too right?