Threads of Fate?

Know where I can find a copy (except eBay), or anyone want to sell me their copy?

eBay is probably your best bet, I’m afraid. I do have a copy but I’m not selling. 8p

What about SO2? :stuck_out_tongue: My friend wants ToF, and he said he’ll give me SO2 for it.

Nope, keeping that too. I’m playing through it right now, as a matter of fact. :sunglasses:

How does it compare to SO3? I’m really enjoying SO3, but the battle system gets frustrating sometimes.

I think it’s a much, much better game. It’s just so much more fun. The story isn’t as fleshed-out, the translation and voice work is pretty awful (although luckily there’s only voices in battle) but the actual gameplay is miles above the sorry excuse for a sequel.

Since you also live in Toronto, if you manage to spot a copy of either games, mind telling me? : )

I’d call that a good deal.

I generally don’t go shopping around for games unless there’s something specific I’m looking for, but if by some whacked coincidence I do see it, sure. I personally haven’t seen a single used copy in the last four or so years, though.

And despite what SK says, I actually enjoyed Threads of Fate quite a bit as well. It’s not what you’d really call a full-fledged RPG, more like an RPG Lite, but it’s still quite fun for the most part.

This thread is now about SO3. I checked a list of characters on Wikipedia, and it exceeds what I have now, plus empty slots. Do I only get temporary characters, or the first 8 (I think it was) I recruit join me?

See, I got two reserve slots empty, but there’s still 4 playable characters according to Wiki.

There are characters who can join temporarily, but for permanent slots you can only get exactly three optional characters out of five (so you can’t get two of them on a single playthrough).

Well, I’ve got Fayt, Cliff, Nel, Maria, Roger and Aldray. I know you get Sophia, and I know you get Albel, so that’s the 8 that are shown. But Mirage and Peppita are also listed as playable characters. :S

Fayt, Cliff, Maria, Mirage, and Sophia are required. The rest are optional, but once you get Adray you can’t get rid of him, unlike the others. So you’ve got two spots left.

Note that there’s only one single point in the story which dictates which character will join you as the seventh one (I don’t remember the exact spot, but I believe it’s after doing the Shrine of Kaddan for the second time). The eighth one can be any of the three optional characters which haven’t joined you yet.

I don’t know if the greatest hits version is different, but where I am now, Nel is automatically in my party. I’m on disc 2, after the party was disbanded. I have Cliff, Nel, Fayt, Sophia, Maria. I have the option of taking Peppita. The FAQ I read said that if I recruit Peppita, I’ll miss out on Albel, Nel, and Roger; but I already have Nel. :S

It’s because you did not do the special cutscenes and thus got Nel by default. I had Albel.

If you take Peppita, you’ll miss out on Roger and Albel. You’ll be getting Mirage automatically, and if you’ve already seen Adray you can’t get rid of him, so you’ve got only one spot left. That means you either take Peppita, Roger, or Albel. Personally I’d go with Peppita, because she’s great at invention.

I say go with Albel. Peppita’s great and all, but she just seemed to cute for the whole save the world kinda thing.