Threadbared Destiny

This is basically the prologue of a series I’m working on.
So, is there anything that I can fix, expand, add, whatever? (But no asking who or what, cause it’s a secret).


Impossible occurrences – they are more prevalent than men may ever realize.

 Why is that so? Why are numerous odd events never open to ears?
 There are many answers to those questions. Some are closed in fear of ridicule.

Others feel that such happenings could forever disturb the security of humanity.
The rest are never told because . . . there was no one there to witness it in the first place.

 There is one solo fact we can draw from abnormal events – they can happen anytime at anywhere to anyone or anything.

In this case, the location was in space, with no witnesses.

The seal was meant to be eternal – to trap the entity and the others in forever. But something had gone wrong before the entombing. No one knew what it was – no one but the one who entombed the evil. Whatever error had occurred, it had burdened the seal, making it only temporary.

Now the seal’s time had passed; it was no longer functional. As it slowly disappeared, the entity opened its bright green eyes for the first time in several millenniums.

At last! I was wondering when that accursed wall would wear out. That aloof bitch! May that fragile heart of hers bring her to a miserable end!

The entity emerged from the hole, with many more beings following. As they flew throughout the universe, dark laughter could be heard throughout the vacuum of space.

Space, where no one can hear you scream.

It looks like it’ll be interesting, MBG. But since it’s rather short it’s hard to give a big review, as I can’t yet see where it’s heading.

It was longer, but I had to shorten it as it gave too much of the plot away.
I’m not sure how to write the series now. Whether it’ll be like Fae’s series, or something like FARTS and Get Wise. Or maybe even like TRT. I’m not sure,yet.
Most likely, I’ll come up with my own style.

Looks interesting. Can’t wait.