Though probably most of you won't care....

Re-cap : There is a Silent Hill movie currently in the making for those who don’t know.

Latest news:

"I’ve literally JUST got back from the Konami Offices in London and wanted to share this with you guys ASAP and before we get the interview typed and uploaded. ^^

We’ve had it confirmed directly from Akira Yamaoka(HINT: He’s responsible for creating every little bit of sounds/music in the SH world that freaks us out so well) himself that there really is a SH Movie in the works. Better news, though, is that Team Silent are as involved with the film as they possibly can be.

Akira Yamaoka has also confirmed that he will be responsible for the sound direction and OST of the film. He told us that he practically insisted on it . . ."

Source: Silent Hill Heaven

Well, this is good news… which means the SH movie will be a sure hit compared to pretty much… every other movie based on games coughResidentEvilcough.


An SH movie done right would rock so, so much.

And DG, just because the music’s good doesn’t mean the film will be. Jesus. :stuck_out_tongue:

LIES! Good music practiaclly means a good movie.

However I share your sentiments, don’t screw up I want my SH movie to own. ; ;


Well… It’s KINDA true, but there are more important parts to movies, of which sound ranks maybe fourth.

The soundtrack may not be first on the list, but if a movie has awful music it’ll be horrible overall, that much is proven. Music is used to heavily reinforce the feelings and atmosphere of the characters and settings, and with out that what we have is just a moving picture of real life. No one wants that.

Which is exactly why I prefer when movies make thier own original score for the scenes instead of using some shitty rock group or rapper. A great example would be how Manson did some music for Resident Evil. I don’t dislike Manson, I just think music like that takes away from the seriousness of the film. And yes I know RE wasnt very serious to begin with.

Liar! I CARE! :smiley:

I still need to play 3 and 4 :frowning: