Thorns = teh sux0r?

In Diablo 2, my favorate class is the Paladin, and Throns is one of my favorate skills. He told me that in Nightmare and Hell, Thorns is greatly weakened and therefore not worth using. I usualy pour about 5 or 6 points into Thorns, so I NEED to know how true this.

Who told you? O_o

I don’t think Thorns gets that much weaker, since Thorns does reflect damage back at enemies, and in Nightmare and Hell, enemies do more damage.

He said that in Nightmare and Hell, Thorns damage drops 50%. I HOPE this isn’t true.

I think he means useless in the sense that other auras give you more of a boost than thorns does. It’s useful when you’re fighting stuff like fallens and carvers, where theres a bunch of them, but otherwise you are better off using something else.

I can understand that…how many points would you all reccomend pouring into Thorns? My curret Pally has 3, and like I said, I usualy pour in 5 or 6.

I don’t think it drops THAT much, GG. I don’t even think it drops at all.

Do you really need that many points in thorns? Last I remember Lv. 2 Thorns reflects like 250% damage…

And LV 6 Thorns dos almost twice that, if memory serves.

I wouldn’t reccomend putting much more than 5 or 6 points in thorns.

Paladins are interesting that way - they’ve got an aura for just about everything, and just about every aura has a use at some point or another. As such, you should usually put one or two points in every aura.

I have a different strategy. I pour points into a few key auras, and use most of my points to better my combat skills.

I played lots of paladins in my time, and thorns is just too…not my style. I’d prefer to hit them and kill them quickly before they get a chance to hit me instead of doing meager damage and getting hit alot. I like to use Fanatacism for my main aura in combat and use Zeal and Vengeance for my combat skills.

Well, when i build a paladin, for auras, I mostly use Holy Freeze, Conviction, and Fanactism. Switch over to holy freeze until the monsters are chilled. Then turn on conviction, once it takes effect, switch over to fanactism. Essentially, you’ll get the effects of 3 different auras. Course, I usually only do that when i’m surrounded. Slowing the attack speed of the guys trying to rip your head off is always a plus.

For combat skills, i used zeal, charge, vengence and holy shield. I only put enough points in zeal to hit 5 times, but i’ve heard that you should max it. I really, really don’t see why though…

They changed zeal to where it stops at 5 hits now. Once you hit 5 points, it won’t go up any higher than 5 hits.

yea, which is why i think it’s pointless to add anymore points than that. The only thing that goes up is your AR, so if you REALLY, and i mean really needed the extra attack rating, then add more.

Accualy, Zeal gets 5 hits after 4 points. After that, its pointless to add more. You just get a minor attack rating bonus after that.

Yea i know, but you get the idea. Besides, your chance to land hits is weighted more on your level. You could have a 10k attack rating, and still have a pathetic accuracy.

Besides, who would want 20 hits? They called it Zeallock for a reason.

But yeah. Zeal beyond 4-5 is worthless.

Ah yes, I remember zeal lock. That sucked ass - see, the deal was, while you were swinging away like an idiot, you couldn’t run away. So if you got low on health, you had to heal up quick because your ass was stuck.

I had a paladin that did about 12 hits. That was an absolute waste of points.