So has anyone else seen it yet?

Nah I haven’t seen it yet… but I don’t have high hopes for it! I might just wait for it to come out on DVD.

Yeah, I really enjoyed everything…except Thor’s character development. I really thought it was just a bit too sudden. It was great fun though!

I agree.

It was much better than I expected.

Can a mod please put (no wilfredos allowed) in the title?

Anyway, as a fan of Thor all my life. I couldn’t help but be disappointed.


1: Natalie Portman. The idea of a super hot female scientist is so unrealistic that I couldn’t suspend my disbelief and enjoy the movie. Also her character was just a girl, there wasn’t anything special about her. I’ve known dozens of girls that act just like her. But Thor is supposedly attracted to her because she has an interest in the universe? Thor doesn’t give a shit about that. Thor would not be attracted to someone like that. He’d want Sif, who is hotter and stronger, and Thor would like dat.

2: Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor: Odin casts this spell on the hammer. But as soon as Thor is worthy, the Hammer flies into his hand. That defeats the purpose of the hammer even being on earth. If that was what was going to happen why not just make the hammer appear in his hand and not be in the crater at all?

3: I was gonna make like a super long list of what i didn’t like about the Thor movie. But I’m not Wilfredo and I’m gonna go get laid. so. Smell ya later.

If he left the hammer, wouldn’t it have needed to go through the gate to get to him? I saw it as a contingency plan; if Thor grew up, the hammer would be there for the taking. Also, the scene where nobody could pick up the hammer was pretty funny, and it also showed how awesome it was.

No, because magic. The hammer could be invisible and floating above his head without his knowledge until he learned his lesson.

It did help that Thor actually tried to pick it up and failed miserably. He’d still wouldn’t have realized that not having godlike strength sucked balls until it was too late had he not had the opportunity to test his strength. In other words sending the Hammer to Earth was just Odin’s way of rubbing it in.

That said, I also noticed a distinct jump between the halves. Apparently, two days on Earth can really change a god.

Also I’m peeved that Thor only wore his helmet for only a minute in the entire movie. Loki wore his helmet far more than that for crying out loud.

Actually, who I really liked was Loki. I thought he was much better done, even if a lot of the plot points were predictable. He was very well handled, overall.