This week I'll be..

at: Big Nutter Projects For The Reports, almost Live.

To E-Mail the Big Nutter:

If you realy want to know, I’ll be contrubting to the mail bag from a feild not far from one of the places I have a burning Desire to visit.


From what I can gather, he’s going on vacation and will be contributing to the mail bag in some form.

He’s going to write to X? That should be an interesting reply.

oh man I’m going to my grandparents place next weekend I should totally reply to a mailbag there and make a thread about it

OK, I was paid pennies to make Big Nutter Alpha 1 to 3 pages. I Just want to a live one, or two next to each other. And I Love doing this more than RPG’s. I’ve heard/guessing that some adverising for RPGC can be done (BN knows Radio Show team which may be there). If you would like me to mention anything about RPGC Use that Email address.

Those pages are the orginal reason why he is called Nutter. Ok, I’ve broke the rules, ban me for 6 days it doesn’t matter that much…