This tops the worst mistake

Heh. Three strikes, you’re out.

Haw haw

I just wonder why he did that. I’d send the man to a sanitarium instead.

Haha. What a loser :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how it feels to be rocket scientist.

CLANG! :thud: If you can get any stupider than that, I’d like to see it :mwahaha:


:fungah: Where does such kind of stupidity come from

I heard about this about a week ago, this guy is a moron.

I love those news stories

How ironic

What a jackass

An idiot he is.

I hope he dies a stupid death so that he can get a Darwin Award. Wait, no, I just hope he dies so that the planet’s gene pool is improved.

And the world has reached a new low.

Stupidity knows no bounds… :noway:

He must have wanted to get on America’s Dumbest Criminals, and very badly by the looks of it.

Though, since he didn’t know that who he was pulling over wasn’t the average John Doe, he wasn’t that stupid.

THAT was just plain GREAT.