This time I'm commenting it before it ends

I’m always speaking about how the moon adn the stars and the planets were beautiful after I’ve seen them 'till they disappear in the skies. Well, this time I’m ahead of time. East Coasters, you have about an hour before it ends: Venus, Mars and Mercury in pretty near one to the other, to the Southeastern horizon, closer to East. Go see, now! Mars will be a beautiful red today!

Edit: watch for Jupiter and the moon near the zenith, and Saturn on the opposite side of the trio too!

edit 2: These are their positions, for reference:

Mercury and Venus are on Ophiucus (serpentary), on the tail of the serpent.

Mars is on Scorpio, on the scorpion’s left eye. Coincidently, it’s pretty close to Antares. Knowing that Antares comes from Anti-Ares, and Mars = Ares, this makes for a real show.

Jupiter is on the center of Virgo.

The Moon is almost over Leo.

And Saturn is by the side of Gemini.

Too bad you live in Brazil, anything you see is beneath my horizon.

I live 3 degrees away from the Equator, so even if you lived right on the very north geodesic pole, our sky sighting areas would still have a very huge intersection. I think that probably half of the zodiac is above your horizon.

Now, the planets only start going below horizon somewhere between Harstad and Alta. In Oslo, you could get a vision like this.

To everybody else: this vision will be visible again for a few more days, but from now on, for east coasters, it’ll get harder to see Venus and Mercury day by day. So get to see if tomorrow morning if you can.