This thread only people that are NOT mods or admins can post in

How do you like that mods and admins? Oh yeah, You cant post in here. And dont close it, either, thats just showing you’re jealouse.

Free post!

I love Charle’s threads because of this.

One time SG pushed me off a bridge, but I fell onto a boat the 984 was sailing to Merlin’s house for his annual “Riverside Pizza Party”, I had to swim home though since I wasn’t invited.

And he told me there was Free Pizza! But If Merl is instead, Make mine a Pepperoni!

Eh? You’re fast, I said Free Post. You know I like Ham, and Pineapple…

I am God.

I’m not a mod nor an admin, so I think I can post. So, what do you discuss here? What’s the topic?

Topic? Qu’est Que C’est?

Hah hah! XD

Wait wait wait… We can’t post here? How’s that possible. We can post anywhere. Does this thread have magic powers that doesn’t let us post? I need to test this theory out.

Oh, and just so you know, in logic, or has two competeing definitions. One is Either A or B inclusive, meaning it can be A, B, or A AND B. The other definition is Either A or B but not A AND B. Now, since I am both a mod AND an admin, I shall choose to employ the latter definition. Therefore, I can post. AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE RULES NOW! >:O

(Oh, and that definition means Zero can post too)

Il est stupide.

I knew Charl wasn’t a logical thinker :hahaha; .

Shhh! Logic makes Charle’s head hurt.

I like Merlin’s current title, Its like a tribute to me.

And sometimes, so does common sense.

hi, 'sup guys? Mods and admins can’t be jealouseeeeeeee.

Just so y’all know, Walhalla’s a mod too. But not a real mod. Haha!

I’m a fake mod! And I think it’s lunch time.

What happens if someone who posted in this thread becomes a mod?

You don’t have to worry about that.

hay guyz sup in this thread???


El Pollo Diablo? El Pollo Diablo!