This thread needs no title

This guy’s princess is not in another castle, if you know what I mean.

I mean he wins

I wonder if he has a princess.

It does kind of remind me of Chrono Cross for some reason

That was pretty impressive! It reminds me a lot of Don Ross:

That is a good fucking guitar player.

oh hey it’s that video

Haha this guy is awesome! Nice I like it

Wow…Amazing, such talent.

I don’t know much about guitars, and even I think that’s badass.

He’s on iTunes as well - Andy McKee if you’re interested.

I’m especially impressed because those thick fingers of his are surprisingly nimble.

Both of these are cool, but my personal favorite hitty-guitar-y person (because I’m just that technical with my music terms) is this guy:

What he’s doing on the fretboard is called tapping. The drumming he’s doing on the body of the guitar, I’m not sure that has a name. Guitar terminology is pretty stupid if you ask me. I wish it was more formal.

Thanks, I’ll remember that.

What, you want them all to be Italian names instead? :stuck_out_tongue:
Nothing wrong with the terminology. It all makes sense as is anyways (sweeping, tapping, palm muting, to name a few). What’s the point in having pretentious titles?

I don’t know what I want :open_mouth: Shut up!

I’d probably prefer if they just didn’t have names at all. Or if they did, at least names that don’t sound like they came from some superhero cartoon. Hammerons, pulloffs, and slides… some it just sounds like names a little kid would use to describe what’s happening. It irritates me. I can’t articulate why. But it’s there.

Haha, well if you ever can be sure to share it. I find it very perplexing that anyone would want different words, especially someone who speaks English.

Most instruments use Italian words, you’re right about that. But I don’t think it’s pretentious. I think it’s a reflection of their long, well-established history as fine, quality instruments. You don’t get that air of prestige when your terminology sounds like a list of Megaman powerups. Terminology won’t affect how a guitar sounds… but it still has an effect on how seriously people take guitarists. And I’m not saying that’s right or fair. Just that it is. And it makes me feel kinda clownish to use those terms as well :stuck_out_tongue: But whatever. I’m probably stuck with them

Well you have the hoice of making the terms prestigious by using them in such a manner that would inspire awe. But yes, I see what you’re getting at. The thing is, you have to understand the history of where those terms come from and where previous terms came from. Words such as legato, crescendo etc were used because the elite of society named them that way. And even then, chances are there’s Italians out there wondering why all the terms describing wonderful techniques of expression have all these words in their own language (as shocking as it is that one would complain of such a beautiful language).

I’m sure the language itself isn’t the dispute, and you just want something more elegant… what would you call something like tapping other than tapping though? Can you find a more suitable word? And of course you must consider that to use a more specific word would limit it’s use. Calling tapping “fluttering” instead would imply that you always have to play fast like a birds wings, eliminating those awesome slow taps that you can get with some triplet pull offs on the left hand. But I guess no one taps slow eh? haha

It’s not as if they said “Signor, what will sound totally pretentious in a few centuries? Ah, Italian!”

That’s not that hard to imagine, actually. =P
And then after they did that, a rebel fighting for the Forces Of Stupiddom would have snuck into the Naming Room and put in the term “Ritardando.”
Just to give future thirteen-year-old band students something to laugh about.