This thread is only for people who have cell phones.

It’s not pornography.

Becase the ‘graphy’ means graphics. It’s actually sonoporno or something like that.


First the songs, then random sounds, now moans.

… What’s wrong with the good old dring?

Can I go on a tirade about how much I detest cell phones, how people who can’t fucking put theirs away even though they’re on a cinema or theatre should be banned from society and how every time I see people interchanging text messages when they are THREE FUCKING METERS APART I would like to tear their heads off? Can I? Can I?

Go ahead on my account, Seraph. The ONLY reason I have a cell phone is that my sisters insist I carry one in case I ever suffer a seizure while out by myself. Not a bad idea… except the ONE time I had to use it, its battery had RUN OUT, despite the fact that I had NEVER used it! What’s up with that??? >_<

At least all the people who constantly use their cellphones will get brain cancer in the long run.

I avoided getting a cellphone for as long as possible. I broke down and got one about two years ago. I barely use it though.

I just have a cell phone at my mom’s insistence, in the more likely event that my car breaks down or skids into a guardrail on a highway (which actually happened once, so THAT’S all right).

I have a cell phone because.

We don’t have a regular house phone… So my mom, sister, and I all have cell phones.

That’s just an old myth.

Interesting link though. It’s be cool to see that ring go off around some people.

I know a lot of people who go without a land line and just have a cellphone.

My 18 y/o brother just got his cellphone bill and it was like $200. I have no idea what that kid did to owe that much money.

I pay $35 a month and I have never gone over.

I barely use mine. Current ringtone is Mario Bros though.

When I get a cell phone, I won’t be wanting any bells and whistles on it. I want a phone that’s just a phone.

Oh, and I want this as my ringtone.

My ring is the random encounter noise from Dragon Warrior, called Uh-Oh. It came built into the phone. It also has the main Dragon Warrior theme, called Toccata & Fugue.

IMing > cell phones.
I still have one though.

IM to cellphones. :heart:

I have a cellphone, it’s pretty swank. My ringtone is the Katamari Opening theme MP3 =) (with some editting by myself and I)

If I wanted my own sex ring tone, I’d just record my evenings. >.>;


Could be several reasons. The battery that comes with a new phone isn’t fully charged. You have to drain it and then fully charge it before using it normally.

Phones will have two stats for their batteries - talk time and standby time. Standby will last a week for just about all models. So if you turned it on Monday and forgot to turn it off, by Friday or Saturday it’ll have drained on it’s own.

By the way, my ringtone is Prelude from the FF series. I once heard a Chocobo theme on the bus. Just the simple one, not the fancy Odeka de Chocobo or whatever variations Nobuo Uematsu’s experimented with.

Actually, if memory serves, Odeka de Chocobo IS a simple one. [/nitpick]

I don’t remember when each particular chocobo theme is played, but the most similar one I can remember is in FF8 in Winhill where there’s a Chocobo crossing in the middle of a field and a little chicobo is running back and forth.

That is for very old phones. New phones can be charged at anytime. The old ones had to be drained the entire way or they would lose life, but current ones can be charged no matter how full they are and not loose battery life. The most you’d do with a new phone is charge it completely, but you don’t have to drain them.