This thread is full of gonads and strife

there’d be a link to the video here but i’d probably get whined at because tits damage the fragile children oh god can’t let them see tits

I can’t really find anything other than the video.
The video itself is a reporter interviewing a few of the girls, as well as some shots of them doing their job. Shorts and no top with a 50km speed limit sign in hand.


Or because we’d get kicked off our server because you’re too stupid to think more than 2 seconds.

I find it funny that any hosting would ban someone for a link being hosted on their server. Who hosts you guys?

The new story here is that the rpgc server is hosted by nazis.

Or we’re a site that’s very aware of the fact that occasionally we do get some viewers who don’t fit into the “bitter, sad college-aged guy” category. Geez, folks, think a little.

That wasnt addressed at all by sin now was it.

I completely understand that view.

I mean it’s up to everyone else to make sure someone’s kid ignores the warnings about it right?

Can we talk about the topless chicks?
Hey, people around here slow down to look at an orange garbage bag. If that does it…

Base System Configuration:

AMD XP 2400
160GB Hard Drive
1024MB RAM
Bandwidth: 1500GB
IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
Private VLAN
Basic Resource Monitoring
FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows*
100% Self Managed and Dedicated
Monthly Fee Options:

$65 | $10 Setup

put an extra $10 on there per month and you have yourself a new server where they don’t care what you do GOOD LUCK!

honestly who hosts you.

This isn’t gonna go very well.

Not with Tingle as your avatar. Nothing goes well with Tingle in the mix.

Give me all your money for the priviledge of saving my bitch ass from dark forces.

The orange bags I know have biohazard signs on them >_>;;.

The bottom line - Our forum, our rules. We try to be fair and reasonable, but really…if you don’t like the rules, get the hell out. Peace.