this sucks.

I just found out my dad will not be sending child support anymore and my mom is disabled so we have no source of income. So in a matter of months I shall be homeless. My options are quit school and get a job or… stay in school and be a bum. I think I’m going to go cry now or something, either that or kill someone.

:too bad;

That sucks, specially when you’re 15 and all :too bad; I wish something happens that changes your situation so that you may lead your life just as before.

Holy. Fuck. That’s horrible. What else can I say; I’m sorry.

Why won’t he be sending child support?

He quit his job. He can live on his miltary retirement, and he doesn’t have to send a dime. I really wanna cry, except I’m in the library. I really do.

That sucks, you can live in me closet.

um… okay. Your closets better then a box I suppose.

That really sucks…
All I can say is sorry I guess…

<img src=“”> Don’t worry, and for the love of god, stay in school. The government has this nice thing called “social welfare” (or whatever, my brain is kinda dead right now) which means that your mom will still make approximately 70% of her last paycheck. Still, I suggest she goes to find another job. And seriously, don’t quit school. You WILL be sorry in the future.

Her mother is disabled, TD…

My mom is disabled she can’t work. And you only can be on welfare as long as your training for a job. We’ve been on it before. I’m going to get off before I get really bitchy at someone for something thats not their fault. Bai-bai.

Just losing everything can’t be that easy…can it?:too bad;

And that ladies and gentlemen is why you become a greeter a wal-mart. They hire everybody, especially the elderly and disabled. And all you have to do is stand there for like…8 hours a day and point to things when people ask you were something is.

Originally posted by Ren
Her mother is disabled, TD…

<img src=“”> Oh, right. My bad. But what I said still applies. My mom is disabled as well, and although I can’t remember the exact arrangement, she still gets enough money to live on and buy stuff. Seriously, don’t worry.

Holy shit, thats horrible! But you gotta stay in school…thats important…

Try to keep a positive attitude. I realize I can’t possibly understand what your situation is like, and I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching, but it can’t hurt to try, can it?

See if you can get state support. My sister is disabled and can’t work and the state of Maine sends her about $200 a month. It’s not a lot because where she has no family and where she doesn’t pay for the rent (my parents do that)

I can’t remember where you said you lived though. I can try to help you find ways to get money to help your family out. I offer my prayers to you and your mother.

Just hang in there. We’ll figure something out.

Best of luck.

You should stay in school, that will give you an education with which to build your future.

And Tenchimaru Draconis: I believe she lives in the USA, since when did the USA have a social welfare that it is possible to survive on?

<img src=“”> Point taken.

Aren’t there any friends or relatives that can help you out?