This seems like a good idea for a videogame

Yeah, I know it’s sad that this guy lost his house - though he did it in a way that I think makes him eligible to a Honorable Mention at Darwin Awards - and I know PETA would slay whomever made a game out of it (and this guy who lost his house), but…

Story. Clicka.

My idea: in each stage, you’d play the role of a burning rodent. And then, you’d have to set houses in fire, by walking and climbing over combustible stuff (curtains, carpets etc, and you can also jump in trash bins full of paper, then jump out of then, then tackle then until they fall aside throwing burning paper around) all the while avoiding people with fire extinguishers, or trying to put your fire out with blankets etc. Also, since you’re on fire, you have some amount of time before you die - so you have to burn enough stuff within a few minutes (time varies by stage and difficulty level) or you lose. And then there would be crazy powerups, like “asbestos body”, which would give you extra time, and items like “greasy skin”, which make your flame stronger, so you set things on fire faster, but you lose time faster too. “Fluffy fur” turns you into brases instead of a mouse-torch, so your fire is weaker but you last longer. Good to turn on when there’s nothing to burn around and off when you find a wardrobe.

This would be nice on a playstation. I still have to think about the plot, though.

I’d totally buy. I love burning shit.

He loses hard; for animal cruelty, general stupidity, and burning leaves, which I think is illegal.

As for the game, <i>We <3 Katamari</i> has sort of covered that.

What, you can go pyromaniac with a katamari?

Now I have to get that game!

There’s a level where your katamari is on fire and you have to roll up flammable things to keep it fueled. I’ve never played it myself, but Frameskip has.

I must get this game. It sounds most interesting. Has it had a Euro-release yet?

I KNEW there was a game I forgot to get with my Xmas monies. Well, I’ll pick We Love Katamari up asap. and Rud, it’s coming out in Yurp on 02/03/06, according to GameFAQs.

IT MUST BE MINE! … Either of 'em, really. :wink:

Don’t mess with mice :ma<b></b>ho:

Ah, stupidity.

He should’ve bought a cat and let it deal with it. Cats are smart enough to know to not set mice on fire.

I want that game!

you realize this woud draw flack from jack thompson as well as peta. there’s lots of potential for setting people on fire too. which i think sounds like fun :slight_smile:

That actually sounds like a very entertaining game.

Too bad it would never get made. Too many people would have problems with it.

Maybe you could have a bonus level where you are a rat in the 1600s, and you go around spreading the plague to people. That would be cool.

interesting…start out with some ancient rat related incident and work your way up through history. or go back in time…what would be harder, spreading the bubonic plague or setting a house on fire.

I would think spreading the plague would be harder since you need to get your fleas onto people, risking them killing you. But once you get the ball rolling…

And if you’re spreading plague, then fire would be your enemy. So during the plague levels, you’d have to avoid other burning rats, so they don’t cleanse the area with fire.

You need a plot? Dude, it’d be awesome as is.

The first thing that comes to mind – the story is a fake.
But the video game would absolutely rock. And forget about Katamari, even though the Prince (of all the Universe?) is only a few inches tall, he is not a mouse. I want the main character to be a cute rodent…

But what if Uwe Ball makes a movie based on this game?!
Be careful :wink:

I like Dave’s idea. We could start with a plague of mice in Egypt, one of those ten curses, righ? You’d have to guide your fellow mice into plantations of wheat. And then you go through history, with the plague in Europe, and then setting houses ablaze in the present, and then it would go until some distant future where mice fuck up Earth so much that humans have to move to the Moon. Now that would make for a game tht needs no plot, satisfying Spazz. And everyone else.

We need to get to work on this Ren, it is writing itself.

We can have one level where mice burn down Rome. All the historical fires and plagues can be attributed to our evil mice.

And the ultimate goal of the game would be to make rodents the dominant life form on earth. Or to make it to the moon for all that cheese.

EDIT: And your avatar just reminded me of the mouse’s arch-enemy, THE OWL!

Let’s say … hmm … a magical mouse who is on fire and has no problems with this. Sorta like Charmander.