This seems appropriate for the people here...

I’d say RealDolls are more appropriate.

Hahaha, I love you

I’m not even gonna START on this.

snicker :hahaha;

I just made Trillian’s avatar my official virtual girlfriend!
Oh Paine, my darling. I want you soo bad, it hurts.


Not a bad choice.

These would be mine if I was into this kind of thing.

Sad. And not even so much for the people that use it, but for the people who created it. In our society we are already bombarded with so many messages that tell us we need to be in a relationship to feel good about ourselves. This site just promotes that further… that a relationship is above all a status symbol. To me that’s worse than those “find someone in your area to fuck tonight” sites.

shakes head oh dear. What’s next? Rent-a-girl. And if that has already come out, where can I get one? :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re called escorts

Ack! I forgot about Prostitutes.

Big Nutter


I don’t really have much problem getting girlfriends. Girls’ve never had a problem with me being cynical, hateful of most of the counry, ‘alarmingly’ pessimistic, and a complete nerd.
This means one of four things:

  1. I am damn sexy.
  2. I have met a surprising number of women with bad taste.
  3. All these ‘bad traits’ are somehow attractive.
  4. I am damn sexy. Again.


For which of the things I said?

I kid, I kid, people here are not known for their luck with women.

Okay. Sorry, I’m new, so I didn’t know if you had some bizarre hatred of cynicism here.
If you did, I would have a cynical comment about it, though =P.

As a side note, trust me, I have bad luck with women too.

I’ve actually gotten pretty good lately.

No comment.

I don’t need your approval!