This seems appropriate for the people here...

<a href=“”>… although it’s probably already been posted, it’s still applicable. Sign up!</a>

You wound me.

Not me. Sign me up baby!

That’s cold.

My right hand does me wonders, so I’ll pass.

I like my own fictitious, imaginary girlfriend, thanks. Letters?! Who cares! my woman is much more modern and hip. She’d beg to have me back over the phone.

I’ll stalk my own girls, thank you very much

Took the words right out of my mouth. Thief.

Where’s the site for an imaginary boyfriend?

Dude… :noway:

Girl… Damm!! You, girl, you got that Line in already… I think a Long Distance one with her is out!!!

So Why chase after a PC when you can you can go off galavaniting to S… Bummer. I almost let that one out…

Big Nutter
(I won’t Let him know that he’s already got one, and “she” posts here too)

lmao. That’s pretty damn sad.

It’s websites like this that confirm that there are people who have absolutely no life.

Wow… that’s… pathetic. What’s sadder? Not having a girlfriend or -pretending- you have one?

I’d buy one for a friend’s birthday, that’d be pretty funny, expecialy if that friend had a girlfriend allready.

Must be a nice way to earn money; all you’d have to do is cut paste poems and love stories. You think they’d hire me?

I could get any woman i want.

What about women you don’t want?

I don’t need an imaginary girlfriend. Much less a real one. Give me videogames and my various vices any day.

He can get them as well because