This season

An overview of anime airing this season:

We’ve got:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This show had a hilarious first ep! The first ep is actually a home movie the main characters created, and it’s really bad to the point it’s funny, which is the intended effect. Future episodes seem to be promising


We’ve got NANA, a drama series about two girls with the same name becoming friends. The first ep was pretty good.


The first ep was pretty interesting. The atwork and animation were great, and the setting has this nice, fantasy atmosphere to it. Story has alot of potential.


The first ep was alright, but the premise of the series is interesting, and the music is nice. This one has potential to become a fun show.


The first ep was average. The animation was nice, and the mecha design was pretty cool. The CG animation isn’t too smooth though, and the story didn’t really go anywhere yet. Could become better.

Soul Link

From the creators of SHUFFLE!..this show seems like it’ll be alright. The first ep just introduced the characters and setting. Has potential.

Air Gear

Meh. Done by the creator of Tenjou Tenge…but once again the anime version cut out the fanservice and inappropriate stuff. The first ep was alright…though Simca is <3


Never thought this would be turned into an anime O_O First ep has aired, but no one subbed it yet. It’s by GONZO, studio that did FMP and Gankutsuou…might be worth checking out.


First ep aired…no one subbed it yet, but it surely will be subbed. Hopefully it’ll be better than sign.

And we’ve still got Ergo Proxy and Fate/Stay Night airing, as well the Second Seasons of School Rumble and Ah! My Goddess.

EDIT: my god, how could I forget Disgaea?!


The first ep was JUST released by AnimeU.

Meh, the first ep of Disgaea was alright. They changed quite a bit of the beginning…so I guess it’s worth checking out.

EDIT: Oops, double post >_<

Yeah… at least the voices seem to fit the characters. I like how they’re using Laharl’s scarf :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I doubt many here will care but:

Digimon Savers

First episode aired and subbed, will likely be a 50+ series like the others. They got a new art style and the animation clearly improved. It looks like they are taking a less cute formula in favor of a more hotblood-oriented theme. Digimon usually manages to stand out a bit from between the heaps of generic kiddy shows, so I like it.

Agumon’s voice is extremely annoying though :confused:

I forgot about that one! The main character is so awesome…he makes the show worth watching XD

I laughed out loud by the end when Masaru said that he was the one who beat up all those guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Digimon Savers is looking pretty good right now. It was a bit disturbing hearing hot-blooded Kira Yamato after watching SEED but it was very nice to see a human character actually help our their partner in such an awesome way.

.hack//ROOTS from the first episode, seems to focus on the dialog like SIGN. The main character is a newbie player is a loner and who has had a few problems with PKs. The ED seems to suggest something special about him that is reminiscence to Violinist of Hamlin. New character designs, guilds conflicts, cross-gender players, it’s your favorite anime series set in an MMORPG.

Just watched the second ep of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Haruhi is made of win and awesome.

Anywhere to find a good sub of disgaea?

Finally, a new .hack anime! .hack//legend was such a disappointment, I hope that //roots is like //sign, then I’ll like it. :booster:

Normally, one would call an ambulance or ask for help from one of the nearby residents… but this particular boy… decided to carry the unconscious, innocent girl… and where the hell are you taking her, you bastard?

Listen to Nightblade, Haruhi is awesome. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard XD


Black Lagoon

The first two eps were great. Fun action anime.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

The show looks cute on the outside but it’s fucking creepy. One of the girls is just as psycho as Kaede from Shuffle :open_mouth:


First ep was decent. Has potential.

So yeah, this season’s pretty good. My favourite shows this season are The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Black Lagoon.

Disgaea is meh after 2 eps, Digimon Savers is fun, Air Gear is decent, .hack//ROOT is similar to SIGN, Kiba is decent, Nana is good, Soul Link is decent, Utawarerumono is good.

Okay, thoughts about the available stuff:

As I imagined, the absence of the English VA cast hurts. Laharl and Flonne get by, but Etna and Mid-Boss are now only “okay” characters. They made some changes to the story if you care, which you shouldn’t, and at the very least kept that game’s soundtrack. It’s okay if you want to kill some time, but nothing to go crazy about.

Digimon Savers
Roughly quoted the opening:

Run forward,
make it flashy
without a care
my power is enormous
it’s infinite

Pretty much sums up the main character’s mentality. It’s mindlessly fun and there’s still no real plot in sight. Think of it as Son Goku working for the Men in Black.

Wada Kouji, AiM and Miyazaki Ayumi are not involved in the music. Wrist slitting ensues.

I love .hack, but I’ll be the first to admit that //SIGN was too goddamned long for what it was trying to do. I sincerely hope they don’t make the same mistake again and keep it to a 11-13 chapter series.

This is set before the games begin, telling Haseo’s story from the moment he started playing to how he became “The Terror of Death”. After a fire destroyed CC Corp’s servers, the salvageable data was used to create “The World R:2”, a new version of the old system. Once again, people are looking for the Key of the Twilight (Aura) without knowing what it really is, and a whole lot of folks are moving around the leader of the Twilight Brigade guild, a player called Ovan. Haseo is caught up on all this due to Ovan’s unexplained interest in him.

If you are planning on playing the game, this might help create a relevant backstory, probably more relevant to //G.U. than //SIGN was to //INFECTION, but I’d suggest skipping it otherwise. Watching characters talking cryptically about nothing for 24 minutes is not my idea of fun.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.
Kyon ftw.

It’s the story of Suzumiya Haruhi, a cute, athletic, smart girl with not a single drop of common sense in her head. In her search of aliens, magicians, time travelers, mysterious organizations and the like (the only things she really finds interesting), she invites/drags/kidnaps several people and creates the S.O.S. Brigade, a club that’s supposed to do… something.

But it’s not really about that, nor the other members of the group which apparently do include a magician alien, a time traveler and a member of a mysterious organization. It’s about Kyon, the first person Haruhi drags in and true protagonist, and his comments regarding all the weird shit that goes around. It’s the kind of show you’re not supposed to think to hard about, because Kyon already does that for you with the add on of some hilarious quotes.

Definitely watch this.

i believe your forgeting ergo proxy… probably one of the best ones this season, and love get chu… it was alright… and witchblade’s first episode is out already havent watched it yet but i will soon. a really finny must see show is ouran high school host club its really funny and joshikousei is worth watching too. higurashi no naku koro ni was also a great release this season mixes funny with suspence so great… XXX holic for the fans of tsubasa chronicles must watch i like it… and of course school rumble 2nd season funny as ever that prety much covers it on my side… by the way im new ^^ only to the anime part of the forums the rest im not very fond of pm me if ya wana talk