This reminds me of Zero's cat

The Insane Cat of Death. Zero’s cat has some major aggressivity issues. I know of them first hand. Here’s another example of a cat going nuts and attacking people, although oddly, its owners.

My sister has a cat thats nuts like that accept it doesn’t attack people just if you get close to you it tries to attack you. Her cat can’t really do anything though because its been declawed. I guess it still could bite though. As for the cat in the story thats just not normal.

Yeeowch. That is one messed-up cat.

Obviously, those people built their house on top of the Pet Semetary, which would explain the cat’s eratic behavior after it emerged from the basement. It must have somehow died and buried itself in the time it was in the basement.

That’s…rather bizarre. O_o;

lol. My cat is pretty aggressive. Not overly so, but sometimes if you’re petting her or nuzzling or something she’ll maybe give you a swipe or chew on you.

I miss my cat. I’m not sure if I miss the constant fear in the house or the pain, though.

possessed by satan I says… but damn… shoot a cat…

It’d be awesome if they had pictures of the rabid cat.

Nice find, I’ll be sure to keep any future cats out of my basement.

The post mortem test indicated the cat didn’t have rabies.

CAts can be violent. They usually are to lazy to show it. Maybe the cat got in touch with his wild side!

Help me! My pussy’s gone crazy!

–Scary Movie 2–

My cat once got into a fight with a german shepherd and kicked its ass. Okay, maybe she scratched its eyes and then attacked it until it ran away, but it was still crying, and she was unhurt. That dog never ran off its leash again, either, according to the owner.

What can I say, cats snap too.

That cat sounds like it’s a victim of demonic possession. Or it was just really retarded and decided to be really stupid and aggressive.

My cat did that too! I swear, that cat was gifted… early in the morning, when he wanted food, he’d swat at my alarm clock to try and get it to go off and wake me up!

Rabid, non-rabid, it’s all the same.

My cat is the nightmare of all dogs. MwoHoHoHo! Me and him use to go dog hunting.

My dogs are all afraid of my cats. The only viscious one in the house is my cat, Sweety. She’ll only be nice if there’s food involved.