This quote deserves a thread...

The GunBound Team Announces!

Hello, Thais is the GIS Team.
The following users were caught abusing the system.
Therefore, their accounts are now all banned from the server.
Let’s make a clean Gunbound society.
The punishment will go on forever.

There shall be no end to the suffering of cheaters and infidels! Cleanse the servers! Destory the western dogs! >_<

Exactly which Korea was this game made in?

Heh. Cute. This is from a group that promises strong pumishments for swearing.

Well Spaz, you didn’t play when there were 1337 bots all over the chat spamming “Want free gold?! /MSG ME WITH YOUR PASSWORD!!11”

The sad thing is that actually people BELIEVED them :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if the GIS Team got rid of them, or they stopped, but meh, they were very annoying.

EDIT: Oh! I got the political joke now, funny :smiley: (I think that there was a political joke, but I’m not sure about it :P)

Actually it was just because it sounds like something a tyrannical right-wing dictator would say. Or a DBZ baddie. But yeah, there was politic-ness there also. ^^

Who cares. It’s a bloody game. Dont screw up and cheat then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Heh. Some people though…