This program could have been made by monkeys!

And you thought they were joking when they said that this code was written by a bunch of monkeys! Sorry bout’ the other link.

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Uh, It looks like it indeed WAS written by monkeys :open_mouth:

Sorry about the link, it is fixed now.

I heard that it was just a joke. :slight_smile:

laughs Those crazy primates. What will they do next?

Well, given that humans are primates …

Anyone remember the Dilbert strips with Zimbu the monkey in them?

Originally posted by demigod
laughs Those crazy primates. What will they do next?

Rewrite Hamlet?

Originally posted by Trillian

Rewrite Hamlet?

“To poop, perchance, to fling feces.”

Look at the other articles- its a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would explain a lot. Too bad it isn’t true, now we’ll have to go on knowing that all those truely crappy programs are coded by the same species as we are.