This One's For The Ladies

Who needs a boring old fireman calender when you could have this?

Are they bench-pressing coffins?

They can shoot me full of embalming fluids any day.

I want to be their pallbearer.

Talk about a case of rigor mortis.

Et cetera. Et cetera.

Wow… sexy guys even -I- wouldn’t touch.

Something about that is just really… creepy.


Why are guys who work at mortuaries buff?

(The only explanation I can think of is in case of zombies)

Corpses are heavy.

Those men are so cute!

At least one of them must be a necrophile.

At least one.

I’d let them formalda my hide.

I want them to burry me personally.

I’d cum back from the dead for these fellas.

Can my funeral have a happy ending?

I never realized my funeral would be the hardest part of having cancer.