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His childhood on DVD!

the article is misleading. What is being released is the generally crappier 1997 rerelease of the trilogy. Not the original late 70s/early 80s version I watched to the point of near-memorization. Curse you Lucas, put your toys away for one second and realize what made your movies good in the first place!!

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put your toys away for one second and realize what made your movies good in the first place!!

Leia in the golden bikini?

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Leia in the golden bikini?
guh, no, that’s when things began falling apart. I’m talking A New Hope/Empire Strikes Back goodness here. Not Return of the Jedi somewhat-goodness or rerelease blahness or Phantom/Clones largely-crap.

<img src=“”> Leia without a golden bikini?

:thud: :fungah: ::doh::

<img src=“”> But really, what’s the difference? All I can think of is whatshisface shooting first and Jabba being horribly ugly.

The rereleases didn’t decrease the quality of the originals that much. What they did do, though, was provide a scary hint at the direction the trilogy was heading. Of course, no one could have known that back in 1997. Generally, the changes in the ‘special edition’ were added eye-candy in the backgrounds of scenes, something that was, of course, taken to extremes in the prequels. For instance, an example they give at a good review at filmthreat as to why the special editions aren’t good(and this review was amazingly written before Phantom Menace), is that during the scene where Obi-Wan first uses a Jedi mind trick on a stormtrooper(“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”), there’s now a little robot flying around in the background. What would make Lucas think that that what that scene needed was some little robot generally making a nuisance of itself in the background? Also, about Return of the Jed, filmthreat has another excellent article called ‘50 reasons Return of the Jedi sucked’, some of which are for instance ‘Han Solo becomes a one-liner spouting caricuture of his former self’. Anyway, the main thing that’s wrong with Return of the Jedi is that the tone is just wrong. This is the final battle between the Empire and the Republic, between the Sith and the Jedi, and yet it comes across like a slapstick comedy. Conceptual artists even admit that during pre-production development they were strongly against the Ewoks being ‘cute’ but that that’s the way it gradually ended up. The only parts of ROTJ that they got right were the duel scenes with Vader Luke and the Emperor but even those are not as dark as they probably should have been.

Oh yeah, there’s another cool fact about ROTJ from ‘50 reasons ROTJ sucks’: they never mention the word Ewok once in the entire movie. Yet, Ewok has become almost a household name. That’s how intensely the movie was marketed and merchandised. You could say that ROTJ even more than the Special Editions was an indicator of things to come…

Meh, if it is on DVD I would have expected them to have the ability to switch special edition ON or OFF.

If they forgot to incorporate that, then they have not done their homework.

I like the classic SW movies, the remakes, and the new movies. If the DVD authors were smart, they will have provided a “classic” mode with the new stuff as alternate scenes, so that people who have aneurisms if they don’t see the movies exactly as they were made originally will not suffer unecessary agony.

Finally! Can’t wait to get these.

And they damn well better add the ability to switch the ‘extra scenes’ on or off. I only saw the ‘extended’ ROTJ, not the other two, and that scene with all the dancing aliens at the beginning was just… ugh…