this November shave your Bush

anyone agree?

I agree that this thread’s gonna get locked REALLY quickly.


Politics sucks…enough said. Believe me. I’m a soldier. I’m always screwed no matter what political party is in charge. Fuck both of them. At least I think that’s what you mean by “shave your Bush.”

Where are you stationed at, bro?

Sorry to tell you, but I’m actually a Nasty Girl for now, serving in MA with the 182nd INF BN while I’m learning at Boston U. Once I get my commission, I’m gonna try and get stationed either at Shafter, Drum, or Bragg with the 25th INF, 10th MTN or 82nd Airborne. I did just graduate BCT/AIT just a couple of weeks ago with Bravo 2/54, the Mailed Foot Battalion.

civil rights will become stronger once Bush is out because conservative republicans are a major threat to the constitution
and we definitly cant afford four more years of a oil monger who is further to
The Right than Attila The Hun

Just don’t go to Benning. And if you do, don’t go to Kelley Hill, go to Main Post. This place has…issues.

I wish people would stop talking about weird crap like this…

Yes they do.

What’s weird about politics. Looks at politics for a while. Ah, now I see. Sorry, my mistake.

So I’ve heard from the Drill Sergeants…

This thread is now about the human brain. I hear it has the consistency of cream cheese. How does it survive being banged around in our skulls all day? Input is appreciated.

It doesn’t. Why did you think 13-year-old AOLers got the idea that “ASL LOL WTF N00B” constituted a complete sentence?

ER, Yar have you seen my sanity?

Big Nutter
(As the Pink Power ranger)

It already is!

Politics are fun. Politicians aren’t.

How do YOU survive being banged around all day? I bet you want to find out.

Anyways, let’s go back to the topic of bush shaving.

I regually get hit in the head. Don’t know how I survive thoughbut It must expain why I take Yar’s Insults as Complements…

Ok , Shaving… Saving? Shaving: I use an electric razor…

Big Nutter
I know nothing of this “Bush Shaving”

Bush bad. Kerry unknown varible. Less of two evils Americans are voting for. >_<

I REALLY need to write that down.