This News story will make the Mods cry, There's an army of B'utter Spellers!!!



1-) Them having poor skills with language does not mean they’ve sank to your level. They could be halfway between normal and you. It doesn’t say in there how bad people are mispelling words.

2-) Are you trying to blame your school for your lack of language skills?

Nutter, I don’t know if you’ll get this one (older RPGC’ers will do), but I’m going to start calling you “the anti-Percival”.

Yeah, but you do it for attention BigNutter

But before you were blaming your weird typing on dyslexia. So which is it? I don’t buy the dyslexia since there were other stange things you did and your words were fine, it was the order and ones chosen that made things incomprehensible.

What else is new? They complain about this all the time. It hasn’t stopped progress yet and it’s not going to, you see, unlike you these kids are actually able to communicate. They’re not illiteres, they’re merely below the expected and fairly high standards, and besides, they’re working on it, and, as the article states, they have even made progress, only less than they had hoped.
You insult these kids by comparing them to you. They’re absolutely nothing like you: They’re not a) creepy; b) blaming dyslexia, even though dyslexia has no effect on grammatical structures, which is your problem, only spelling; or c) able to write correctly or at least understandably but too lazy to.

Do you talk anything like you write?

He is, in fact, he already has.

That would be to insult anti-Percival.

That is just too awesome. XD

This thread honestly can’t result in anything good.

Excuses are for the weak.