"This Naraku is EVIL!"


Just had to share that. :slight_smile:


hahaha XD

Yeah, I thought the DOOM guy was a girl at first…XD

Oh yeah, Naraku is a bishie to the outmost.
But, considering that he gave birth to those two girls by himself, one might start to wonder. >_>


If not Bishounen… then… Bishojou!? :eek:


Heeeey… :kissy:

1337 posts. woo.

snort X3 Thanks for sharing that, Weiila, quite amusing :slight_smile:

OH NO! After seeing that and witnessing Niraku’s great evil I have realized that Inuyasha is screwed. :eek:

Hmm … One-Winged Octopus?

Dudududududdu…Naraku! Dudududdu…

i wonder how nany more naraku is just gonna pop out??? hahaha :booster: