This must be said

After playing a few matches of CTF in Quake 2, I feel I need to say this comment, directed particularly to TD:

“Red sucks! Blue rules!”


Red won 2 out of 3.5 matches :stuck_out_tongue: And I had HIM, you had 3 half-decent players scattered over large maps :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty damn proud that I could capture the goddamn things :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, how are you liking the taste of railgun?

It’s a little bitter, and could use some salt. Other than that, it has an exquisite flavor that even Percival would approve.

Quake2 CTF is the mod that I enjoyed playing the most of any mod, hands-down. Second place would probably be Counter-Strike, but that’s largely for the community or two I got insight into while playing it.

A sure sign you’ve been watching too much Rooster Teeth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, CTF does rock. It’d rock even more, however, if we had about 5 players (or better yet 10) on either side on a biggish map. That’s why I still maintain that team Fortress Classic has the best CTF experience. 2Fort and Pipe2, I belive they are called, are insane genius with a dozen players each in all the different classes. Pleasedon’tkillme.

Pipe2? You mean Pipezone2? Was it a CP map? (Command Point?) I played TFC competitivly for like 4 years.

Yea, TFC easily has the best CTF expierence ever. Take that Merlin! Fewl.

Tribes 2 is now downloadable, I wish you guys would actually play that too, I was actually good at that game. ._.

Ugh, I’ve been meaning to download that but I keep on forgetting :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t worry Zero, you get to shoot me sometime this week.

Sorc, I forget what it was called. it was two forts seperated by a HYOOG no-mans-land of moats, bridges, and tunnels with points to shoot out of. The moats had underwater passages so you could get between bases without ever revealing yourself.

I rocked at large-scale CTF games. When all’s going to hell no-one notices the lone demoman who goes back into their own base and steals teh flag. :smiley: Spies rock.

eh, TFC may work when there are more players, but for smaller groups old skool Q2 deathmatch was the way to go. I used to play TFC for Half Life in the day, it was pretty easy to rack up big scores.

i’d play TFC with you =)

Two people on 2Fort would get awful lonely though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Suck it, blue! yeah suck it, blue! now thats what I call an old skool zinger! In yo face, blue dude, in yo face!

Yea, but Merlin, the point wasn’t racking up huge scores, it was capturing the flag.

And had you ever told me you played I could have given you the IPs to some servers where it wouldn’t have been too easy to rack up big scores.

As far as spies go, after you play for a while spies are really easy to point out in the chaos.

Maybe so, but I alwasy preferred them over ‘true’ offensive classes. Most games of TFC I played consisted of everyone being a Demoman and charging in all guns blazing. Boring. :frowning:

I actually played with you once or twice I think Sorcerer. And yeah I know it was about capturing the flag, I could get points as a variety of classes. Meh, CS was much more challenging and interesting to me.

heh, a long time ago I used to play TFC with Jim back when :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember playing CS with you once or twice Merlin, but I don’t remember ever playing TFC together.

Although I do remember playing under MacMaverick, and somone asking if I was the same macmaverick that worked at “that final fantasy web site”…