This Music

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<i>This Music</i>

This music has a beauty of design
That moves me to a pleasant sort of pain.
I feel the drips of lovers’ tears in mine,
As, on my cheeks, they trace the heartfelt strain;
I feel the regret of love spent in vain
As fire in my heart, as if salty brine
Flowed in from some bitter and lonely vein,
And fed old sighs with long-preserving wine;
I feel my heart-strings being gently played
By artful hands that move quick with passion,
With strains of beauty that sound raw, or frayed,
Yet like nocent balms heal their own tension;
And this music alone, it seems to me,
Is so tender in love as I would be.

We have a poem thread stickied if I’m not mistaken… on yours then… It seems to me as if it’s not really flowing except for the end… and maybe a bit much of the same-sounding rhymewords… or whatever it’s called

It’s stickied, but virtually nobody reads it (I tried). The last post in it, for instance, was made on December 10th. Besides, it seems silly to me that such a marvelously broad type of literature as poetry should be confined to one thread, while 99% of the board is reserved for fanfics.