This *might* be old news

<a href=“,39020369,2137269,00.htm”>Apparently the Thai government is considering some drastic action to combat the Ragnarok Online Menace</a>

Fuckers. The Mother Fuckers shouldn’t get into homelife.


If they want them to spend more time studying… then why are they banning games AFTER bedtime?

Woo, less lag for me.

They also want people to spend time sleeping.

Those crazy Thais.

Those ragamuffins. Whatever will they do next?

Man, it sucks to be them. That would take away like half my play time if we had that here.

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Very old news. I think Maylasia did something similar a while ago. Though it also isn’t suprising after reading the reports about people that go for like a week straight and then die.

Not that i play RO, but this is completly stupid

all this is gonna end up in is someone hacking RO into the govt computers or a bunca ppl creating underground network servers.

and how are they gonna verify that they arnt playing online after these hrs?

Crazy Thais. At least regulative Thais.


I just had a second thought. This is why I have put off downloading it :\ i’d be like…one of those crazy thais.

Only about 10% of the people here will get that, but you rock, Steve. :smiley:

The internet gamers of the far east are a little bit more hardcore then the internet gamers here.

There have been tons of reports of internet RPG related beatings and such, this might not be such a bad idea since it has such a huge cult following.

more power to the thai government. i think it just means i have to deal with less n00bs on counter-strike.

The Thais are doing this for the sake of their ppl~

Sleep? Psh. Who needs that.

Didnt the greek government do this about a year ago?

Ah, how I have missed the 555. I don’t think many people here remember being in that chat. Oh, how few there are that have seen BN’s legendary spamming of that channel…I miss those days.