This may seem like an odd question but...


be sure to save the files as “gay porn” so no one knows you like to watch “little house on the prairie”

Why should I be ashamed of little house on the prairie?! It’s a perfectly acceptable show that poses no threat to my sexuality whatsoever.

Okay I have problem number 1 down. I clicked the top link and I saved it as “download” but nothing’s happening…I download BiTLord and that isnt doing anything with the download. Whats going on?

The file you downloaded should be a tiny torrent file of just a few KB. Click on it (It should look like a sheet with the letters BT if BitTornado is installed) and that will hopefully start the download.

What file? You mean BitLord or the actual show Im trying to download? I clicked on it and then a window expanded and I clicked on download torrent and nothing’s happening.


I’ll be glad to help you =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Miss Evagelion =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

You click the torrent you want to get from the list of them on the page i gave you. Then, when the box expands, you click “Download Now”…the big text.

Then you have the torrent on your computer. Open up BitLord from wherever you installed it. Click File > Open Torrent, and a box should appear. Don’t touch anything in this box. Just click OK.

Then just leave it alone…in the bottom right, you see all the info about the download process. The only things you should be concerned about are the things that say “Connected Seeds” “Connected Peers” and “Downloaded Bytes”.

Connected seeds means how many people are sending you the show. Peers means how many people are sending you the some of the show. And downloaded bytes means how much you’ve gotten.

EDIT: What do you mean “nothing is happening?”

Sorry, I’m not familiar with BitLord.

EDIT: Although it seems to work in the exact same way.

Like when I clicked Download Torrent on the link you gave me, it would prompt me to run the file, etc, or save it. I saved it and after that, nothing happened.

Right. You have to open BitLord, and click File > Open torrent. Choose the torrent file you downloaded in the “Select File” box that appears.

SE: I was just kidding.

You just downloaded the Torrent file, which is just a link for the data transfer. Now do what Dev told you and use BitLord to open that Torrent. That should connect with everyone else who is Seeding (Uploading) and Leeching (Downloading).

EDIT: I know, no problem, but I think she has no idea how this entire process works so one of us should explain it to her. You do it, I’m going to sleep.

Haha thanks guys. I have some idea what to do now. BitLord is choosing not to run after I closed it and Im too lazy to reboot, but Im sure Devvy’s explanation will work.

THanks guys :):):):):):slight_smile:

Big necropost but it’s been all downloaded and stuff…where exactly do I view this bad boy?

Go to where you saved it, and double click on any of the AVI files.

That’s not the way it worked for me, but I managed to do it anyway. Thanks though.