This may seem like an odd question but...

Does anyone know when and if Little House on the Prairie is airing on tv? I recently got back into the books and I am eager to see how good the tv series is, as compared to the books. None of you have probably watched it, but if by any chance any of you canadians or americans see it in your listings, can you give me the channel and the time? embarrassed look

Yes. It’s on NBC. All you have to do is travel back to the mid 1970s to early 1980s.

Noooo I need it nooow NOOOOW

I think you can find it on the Hallmark channel every now and then. Dunno if you get that channel in Canada though.

No, doesn’t sound familiar. Damn it.

It’s probably on DVD. Go to your local rental place.

Edit: Beaten.

Yes Charlemagne Im well aware that it’s on DVD, but I lack the funds to send away for a show that I’ve never even seen before.

Kei, local rental places suck and are very low-key. Maybe I should try blockbuster? But I doubt they’d have anything like that…

Allright you lazy ho-bag, I went through all the trouble to find it on my tivo. It’s on at

08:00 AM 029 KDOC
10:00 AM 135 HALLMARK
11:00 AM 135 HALLMARK
03:00 PM 135 HALLMARK
04:00 PM 135 HALLMARK

Of course, I live in America. Which is, as you may know, better than Canadia, in every facet.

It’s called a TV Guide, dude, look it up.

Charlemagne, you can be such an asshole when you want to be. If I hadn’t have checked my tv guide, do you think I’d be posting here? I just want to be sure. Now go away and don’t help me anymore.

Call your cable provider and scream untill they bring you the Hallmark Channel

Actualy I think the time traveling idea is more plausable

I’m sure there i s a “bit torrent” out there, so ask Pierson, he’s like the king of bit torrents (however that’s mainly with those silly anime shows).


ps: some are bitsurge.

I seemed to have gotten some not so nice things in my computer last time I downloaded bt…

edit: I suppose I would download the first link (since the others just seem to be single shows from season 6 only) but that looks HUGE…

You fail the internet then. I mean…i love and idolize you :3

<a href=">bittornado</a> and <a href=“”>bitlord</a> are good clients.

So these are safe…?

for the most part probably

PS: the heck you not on aim?

keep your pants on im signing in

I will now commence with the downloading

BitTornado has an annoying memory leak, but otherwise from that it kicks ass at getting warez and shit.

Give us a play by play of what happens.

Oh everyone will be hearing from me once I encounter any sort of technical problem because I am RPGC dependent!