This may be a trip of mine, but...

I was watching Marilyn Poppins, Mary Popkins or whatever the name of the movie is, on open TV. I watched it a few dozen times when I was young, and now I saw a part of it and it called my attention.

Don’t you guys think the chaminee cleaners sequence is matrixy? I think the K. Brothers got some ideas from the stunts those dancers do on the roofs.

Mary Poppins is an extremely trippy movie. I think it was made for people to watch while on LSD.

Seriously, that movie was insane. Especially when the cartoons and people were dancing.

Broomsticks and Bedknobs was worse, they must’ve been high on weed, crack, and LSD.

Please reference a few parts of the Matrix that weren’t stolen from other people.

Just to humour me.