this makes me very very sad... ;_;

I found this movie at a movie gallery one day. apparently in 1993 some director got hold of the licencing for dragon ball and made a live action movie. this is the results.

they did’ent even get the characters name right. I have officialy put this in my movie library of the damned right between street fighters and double dragon.

:moogle: this is why I think bad directors should be put to death.

Don’t be hating on Street Fighter!

Larger screenshots of the actors please~

its not that I hate street fighters as much as it is I hate the live action street fighters movie. absolutly nothing was acurate and the fight scenes wern’t even that decent.

Larger screenshots of the actors please~

uh that as big as I could get it. my computer sucks. :moogle:

Why did you use the grinning smily face for this topic if it makes you very very sad?

woops sorry forced habit. :moogle:

<a href=“”>This might shed some light on the situation.</a>

As well as this.

I want to see that movie now…

I’m so scared.

There’s a DBZ movie in the works, supposedly. Sometimes I doubt if it would ever get released.

As for <i>Dragonball: The Magic Begins</i> (and I’ve never been more ashamed of using the italics tag), damn. Just…damn.

[Ninja Edit] <a href=“”>fish lol</a>

I already made a thread on this in 1993, most of you probably dont remember/never saw it.