This made me think quite a bit...

reads the page

gets bummed out and depressed

dammit, why can’t you link to violent flash games, “nice tits!” pages, or silly news stories about masturbation preventing prostate cancer like everyone else? Why you always gotta find this depressing stuff?

:get it?:


Oh good, I hadn’t gotten my reccomended daily dosage of angst yet today.


contains herself

That is quite depressing… but it’s good for one to read.

What he said about the letter really touched me, as well. Reminds me of myself not too long ago… i would’ve said that… although I could never put the love of my life through that. I’ve tried to imagine his reaction, and if my imagination can get me to cry that hard… well. You get the point.

Please forgive me, but I most post something silly to keep myself from getting too depressed. :too bad;


…I am depressed.

Why did I have to read it…

I will stop before I start to cry:too bad; Long lost loves really like to tear my heart…

Very depressing, but very well-written.

This is probably because I’m an insensitive bastard, but –

A) I wasn’t moved by it. Not much, anyway.

B) More of me wants to think it’s a story, as I can’t picture a… what, 40-year old or so writing like that. It wasn’t amazingly well written, if you ask me.

C) I just wanted three things here. Call me an insensitive bastard if you want.

Well, it did move me, but I can’t say that it is well written. At least, he does not know how to use elipses, but that is just a personal pet peeve of mine.

Reading this made me think of how some people (including myself in the past) talk quite a bit about suicide- and realizing what pain it can bring other people.

Don’t kill yourselves (that is probably a “no duh” to a lot of you, but… whatever, I felt like saying it).

I was fine with her dying, really, but the buying an engagement ring part… Does anyone have a tissue? >_>

Not your everyday piece of writing, to read for the day, but that was writen extremely well. And pretty cool, if rather angsty.

Ah good. Now I’m back to my ordinary depressive, cynical and sarcastic mood: Just like Death should be.

A depressing story.

Well that’s something that will be on my mind for the rest of the day…:too bad;

CC, were do you find this stuff?

I don’t find that depressing because of the content at all.

If anything is slightly depressing about that, it’s the fact that he seemingly doesn’t sound happy anymore. He makes it sound like he hasn’t had any reason to live since she died.

The guy keeps saying “Oh I did this (Mary likes this such n’ such thing)” Or, “I bought her an engagement ring (Mary would have liked that)”, all I’ve gotta say is, if I were Mary, I would have wanted him to get on with his life, and stop being so pessimistic.

I wouldn’t dare wish for a person I loved to throw away their life for me, and that’s what he’s done. I don’t really think of love that way. That’s…just something else completely. That’s obsession.

I just can’t believe that he’s that way. I guess I seem callous, but I think that’s kinda pathetic. I haven’t ever lost a ‘loved’ one to suicide or anything, but I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. It’s futile to just stay in that phase for the rest of your life. That’s what’s depressing. What a waste, the guy probly could be so much happier.

well, either I’ve forgotten what saddness is like or I didn’t find it depressing…

Yeah, I found that strangely hilarious. I’ve got no idea why.

Um ok. I dont’ see the point, life goes on.

Ah well… some people hold onto shadows and images of the past…

Life sucks, and then you die.

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Yeah, I found that strangely hilarious. I’ve got no idea why.

That’s because you are a heartless bastard Urkani. There’s no point in hiding it anymore, if you ever have. nod, nod