This made me cry. Best flash ever, though a little sad. Mario's Death.

But don’t worry, in part 3 he’s back.

Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom, part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Oh my GOD. I fucking love you for shownig me these. They are so all so awesome. O_O

Oh man part 3 fucking rocked. Thanks, Ren.

Yeah, that guy’s really fucking talented with stuff like that.

Seen 'em before, they’re all god awful.


You’re a peachhead Him.

Ren, great link again!
You are the best.

Wooh, Mario dies!

Oh well, it was a good dream at least.


I’m all anxious for part 4 now. In the meanwhile I’m watching the other flash movies from the site (

‘Freaggin’ cool !

I loved the first 2 but the third dissapointed me

The whole dream thing sucks… I’d rather see Luigi as the hero for once

I forgot about those. I wonder if they are ever putting number 4 up? I really likes Mario’s Funeral. When I heard the music I started laughing. And I used to curse when I heard that music. When Titanic first came out thats all I ever fucking heard on the radio. Hell we even had an assembly at school where some people came in and sang it! They went overboard with it. But it was perfect for that video.

Part 3 totally ruined Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom =/

um, could you please stop with the swearin XD

Who me?

What the fuck, why? O_o Shit, you’re not another 10 year old, are you? x.x;;

Ha ha. You reminded me of myself just then.

EDIT: Since we’re on the subject of flash cartoons, you guys should go to It has some fucking hilarious toons. Its Foamy’s site if you know who he is.