This isn't the Optimus Prime I remember

Else alot of kids would have asked mommy why their wee-wee is acting up

Yet, this bastardisation can only make me very sad.

I’m scared now.

I have a friend who is into this stuff. I dont know whats worse, Furries or um… Mech-ies?

I dont even know if there is a word for this subculture… I mean, robot sex…? While I disdain anthropomorphic crap with a PASSION… sexy robots that bastardize cool existing robots makes me even more angry…

Ung, oh well, I guess human nature is formed into the route where people can and will get off to ANYTHING that they can imagine…

I’m going to go play with my farm animals now.

That is the greatest Optimus Prime I’ve ever seen.


And for the record, Optimus Prime was never cool. Except in <a href=“”>College University</a> of course.

True. Megatron was always cooler.

Especially the Dragon Megatron from Beast Wars.

Well, I guess that when you know how freaky can people be with this stuff, robot porn isn’t as weird as you think, or at least it’s not the weirdest I’ve ever seen.

What’s this supposed to be anyway? I can’t read shit.

Therfe is no god. I honestly thought the “eroticons” were just a joke, but now…

Ooooooh! Creeeeeepy!


Deplorable…how dare Optimus be drawn that way.

Well, never having seen an ep of Transformers before Armada. I have nothing to say about this subject. I did read the comics when they were out back in 91 or so…

I think eroticons refer to a PA comic. TD, do your stuff.

(On a sidenote, Optimus’ Special in Dream Mix TV: World Fighters is bloody cheap.)

EDIT: I just looked trough that site and they have the whole series covered. They are committing simultaneous sacrilege on the whole Transformers brand!

Is it just me, or is her panty-thing on reeeally tight? o.O;

Actually, it is. But they’re robots so it has to be really tight else their horny subroutine is not satisfied.

Briliant! instead of mass-producing robots, we can just have them engage in intercourse! We’ll save billions on parts alone!

Cool like this?

more like Ultra Pantytron swoon

I was always partial to starscream though

This ain’t the Transformers I remember, either. But I kinda wish it was. Remember when the bombshell was dropped that Samus Aran was in fact a female? That was some good times.

Eroticons vs. Fornicons!!!

And Megatron Owns Optimus Prime.

There is only one true Megatron, and that is G1 Megatron!

Oh gods …