This isn't human.

Holy fucking shit.

You are becoming increasingly cool.

Though you could post new threads less often.

Cool vid. Juggling 5 balls is considered Olympic level in juggling.

I wonder what that guy does for a living; he seems like he’s in a bit too good of shape to just be a juggler.

It requires alot of upper-body strength. They have juggling tourneys on ESPN sometimes, and you’d be suprised at just how buff alot of the guys are. That guy must be pro, too, considering he’s about as good as the guys i’ve seen on TV.

thats amazing.How does he do it? He must be a champion or something

I had a teaching assistant once who could juggle like that. His name was Jeff, and I remember him choking out a kid once. So until I see this guy choke out a kid, Jeff was still cooler.

and i thought i could juggle… :confused:

Too bad I can’t juggle. I really can’t. Except with one ball. :frowning:

Watch this throws 1 ball into the air repeatedly I’m almost there :D.

your mom isn’t human

Thats some skillz he got here. I never knew there were actual tournaments for that kinda thing. Most I could juggle is like what, 2 balls? 3 at most if Im feel daring. Hell, all of us got owned in like 4:37 minutes. Thanks Setz, Im going to jump off a bridge now…

:open_mouth: thats really really cool especially when he does 10 at the end. I can juggle 3 balls really good, I can kinda do 4 but after about 10 throws I screw up.