This is why you shouldn't take graduate classes when you are an undergraduate

Well, I finished a wonderful ten page paper on e-commerce and and I wanted my dad to proof read it. He sits at my desk and not even a minute later my “International Business” textbook I used for my graduate level class a year ago come fall down from a shelf and smashes my laptop’s keyboard, breaking off three keys.

I managed to get all the little parts and put the keys back on top of their sensors. The keys will still work, but I’m wondering if any of you had a similar experience and wonder what you did.

I doubt you can actually glue the keys back onto the keyboard, and I’m nervous about calling Gateway because I don’t know if they will fix the keys without charging me an arm and a leg.


I know where my X-mas money is going :too bad: .

Luckilly I have Gamestop gift card to get Suikoden IV in January.

That really sucks. I dropped my laptop and my screen got smashed last year. That was a horrible experience.

You should just be able to re-hook the keys. They use a hinge system, and for gods sake, DONT GLUE IT. Seriously though, my keys fall off alot, you can just hinge them back on.

I’ve tried but they won’t stay on. Of course it doesn’t help that one of the hinges (the one for the “V” key oddly enough) is missing.

=( That sucks. Don’t fret too much, replacement keyboards are super easy to come by, and they hook in the same way as any other prephriherial. (and i don’t mean USB…i mean like, a new keyboard for the laptop. You just pop the old on out, unconnect one wire, and plug the new one in).

Try checking laptop hardware sites for your models keyboard.

And es, i don’t know how to spell prephriherial.

If you cant get the keys back on, meet up with a tech person, your college has an IT department, right?

Ooh, I need a new laptop keyboard. I’ve had to keep it on a table next to a keyboard for years. I just hope that, if I get a real laptop keyboard, that I don’t destroy my sperm count like that.

I’m not sure about Gateway but most laptop manufacturers would simply send you a new keyboard and be done with it. Well, they might charge the cost of the keyboard and shipping. That shouldn’t amount to a lot though, and certainly not an arm and a leg. Contact them first and ask how much they’d want; it can’t be much simpler.

I’ve taken one or two grad-level courses. They make my brain want to claw its way out of my brain because I just don’t get them, and I don’t mean in terms of difficulty.

I’m not for buying any parts from Gateway. Recently, my hard drive died and I went to their site to find a new one. They wanted close to $200 for a 20 GB hard drive for my laptop.

My dad took it in to a co-worker who fixes computer on the side and he got me one for only $100. Overcharging $100 is what I call paying an arm and a leg.

Anyway, I’m going to see the computer people at my college today if I can. I’m not sure how the keys connect, so maybe by some stroke of luck they’ll be able to easily reattach them. If not, I’ll see how much Gateway wants to fix it. It sucks because it’s only three keys: D, C, and X.

Uh, not on the subject of the original person’s problem, but, do they also produce, on demand, new keyboards for out-dated laptops? I mean, my laptop is back from when Windows 98 came out. I doubt that they still make it.

Most do, and in any case, it isn’t unusual that new models and old models share parts such as keyboards and touchpads. I had a keyboard from 1995, which keyboard broke in 2002, they still had replacements avaiable.