This is why I want MTV up here in this desolate wasteland of a swamp

Because Britney Spears kissed an old fogey woman? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I realized where that happened, but big deal. I don’t think that has anything to do with MTV. During even the most rehearsed of performances, not everything comes expected. Take it from a performer. :stuck_out_tongue:

You want MTV because of something that will be broadcast on MuchMusic several dozen times over the next week? I’d rather see cute girls kissing anyway.

Looks rather scripted to me.

Given the persons involved, I pretty much expect it.

And no, eMpTyV isn’t worth it, Xelo. Unless you want to watch something to make fun of (or study the enemy, or whatever).

You want a shitty “music” television channel (that has fifty billion stupid shows worth of filler along with poorly done music videos done by mostly untalented bands) so that you can see the staged kiss (no doubt created to spark false controversy) of an ugly woman and a (relatively) old woman?

It would’ve been better is Britney and Christina kissed, tough.

MTV is one of the worst channles you could possibly have, they play hardly any music(And what they do play sucks). And if you’ve heard the quote “Sex Sells”, well that can sum up MTV in one word. Stick with MM, it’s better.

Why would you want MTV just for that? It has been aired like…5 times by Much and the kiss was like a 1 second open mouthed kiss. Totally scripted, and why would you want that when you can get so much free ‘stuff’ off the net?

I’ve already seen more of it than I want to, and I’ve only seen still pics. Britney spears is such a slut.

Being lazy in front of the TV yesterday, I was flipping through channels, and out of pure curiousity, stopped at MTV. TRL, the “Top 10” show, was on, and the young, model-looking hosts were all, “OMG Madonna and Britney KISSED lets look at teh footage!” cut to VMA footage “LOL! Did u see how jealus Justin wuz? Lolz!” I swear, those people were AT the awards, and didn’t seem to notice that as soon as she was done with Britney, Madonna turned and kissed Christina. And it’s obvious that while it may not have been rehearsed, it was definately planned, even if it was just between the 3 of them.

In closing: Big fucking deal. You don’t need MTV. You don’t even want it. Trust me.

Y’all are spelling it wrong:

It’s not MTV, it’s eMpTyV.

You can have my sattelite dish, I don’t use it. Just sad I don’t own it either.

tssss I think its silly for guys to say they didn’t like it.

So they kissed. BIG FREAKIN’ WHOOP!

I’ll stick with Kerrang, it has more my sorta music anyway, and more of it.

Wow, three aging whore-artists who rely on sex appeal to sell records kiss on stage…

gee, they arnt trying to get media attention…

MTV sucks ass, and now Much Music sucks just as much because they’re copying MTV. They even cut Loud to a half an hour show… HALF AN HOUR!!! That means I get to see like 2 or 3 decent metal videos on tv a week, unless Powerhour on Much More Music has a good show, which happens once in a while(Bruce Dickinson was on last night’s show, that was sweet, an hour of Iron Maiden).
And there’s nothing special about pop stars kissing… porn stars kissing is better, cause atleast they don’t make bad music.

Originally posted by Sinistral
tssss I think its silly for guys to say they didn’t like it.

tssss I think its sad you assume ALL men are pigs, Sinistral, or that all men like ugly sluts. :stuck_out_tongue:

MTV insults the intelligence of everyone. Most of them just don’t know that they’re being insulted.

fap fap fap

Uhh, they both look like stupid popular sluts to me…which one’s which? I think I woulda been more turned on if Clay and Ruben made out live…