This is why I never go to these kinds of parties...

The Tupperware party from HELL

Wow… I’m glad the Tupperware parties I’ve attended haven’t been like that!


Wait, what’s ‘tupperware’?

Hang head.

Dayumn, I love that tupperware party >>;

Hangs head in shame

I thought it was a sex position.

No, it’s best termed as dishes.

REpeat after me: “Unless you’re really kinky, Tupperware is not in the Kama Sutra.”

But it soon degenerated into the “Tupperware party from hell” when the men came home and began fighting over issues including the hostess’s breast size and weight, a court was told yesterday.

Really, people ARE thinking of new and more innovative ways to get their story in the news.

I can’t decide whether they’re crazier than us, or they aren’t because we try harder. :3

Grief! All over a set of Pastic Boxes.

Big Nutter
I take is not safe to come out from under here.

I’m so wanting to see this made into a documentary. =D