This is what happens when I'm bored and I can't afford a new videocard

So I installed the City of Heroes trial earlier today, because I was curious as to the new costume options. I played it months ago, in the EU beta, but my computer sucked horribly so I lagged like hell and I randomly crashed. Now I managed to remove the lag, but I still randomly crash, so playing isn’t really that fun. However, half the game in CoH is the character creator, and after Spoony updated OL today I got to thinking, and translated some RPGC people into the realm of Paragon City.

However, I’m kinda running dry on ideas for people to do, so feed me some ideas. Preferbaly bring up people that are somewhat known around RPGC, so I already have a vague idea of what the end result is supposed to look like. No capes, no trenchcoats.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far:

<b><a href=“”>Rhaka</a>, Magic Fire/Energy Blaster.</b>

This is basically me, ala Spoony’s new sprite of me he uses in OL. I quite like how it turned out, though the coat is a bit too martial artist and not regal enough in my eyes.

<b><a href=“”>Mabatsekker</a>, Natural Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper.</b>

This is, well, Maba. Pretty much a perfect translation of his sprite, minus the gloves and shoes.

<b><a href=“”>Kat-Chi Seras</a>, Natural Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper.</b>

Maba is very gender confused.

<b><a href=“”>The 984</a>, Technology Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster.</b>

This is, well, 984. I’m not too fond of how this turned out, since I couldn’t get any of the textures right, so I had to settle for recogniseable. Quite fond of the gloves, though.

<b><a href=“”>Cloth Hat</a>, Natural Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster.</b>

He’s just a generic set piece, not too hard, not too interesting.

<b><a href=“”>Lunaris</a>, Technology Assault Rifohscrewthisyouknowitbynow.</b>

Lunaris was already taken, so it became Luunaris (Do you play, Lun?). Not too hard here, turned out ok. I think I forgot to add a belt <_<

<b><a href=“”>Zero</a>, Technology Katana/Super Reflexes Scrapper.</b>

Since the male character models don’t have long hair, I was “forced” to migrate to the female templates. Couldn’t get the boob lights working, though. Same story as 984 (MM series characters are kinda hard to make), although she does look fairly good in-game, wielding a katana and all.

<b><a href=“”>Sinistral</a>, Natural Broadsword/Invulnerability Scrapper.</b>

Pretty straightforward medieval armour set plus headband. The wings on his head are the closest I managed to get to bunny ears <_<

<b><a href=“”>Dalton of Zeal</a>, Natural Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster.</b>

There’s no handgun in the game, so I settled for the next closest thing. It went fairly decent, though I couldn’t flip the eyepatch or add a scar. The hair also is a bit wrong, and I couldn’t shorten the sleeves any more.

<b><a href=“”>Merlin</a>, Magic Gravity/Empathy Controller.</b>

I was going to go with Mind Control for Merl, but then I remembered pianos, so Gravity seemed to be a perfect fit. Anyway, this looks like shit. There isn’t anything resembling chainmail in the game, so I had to go with the medieval plate. I couldn’t add the green skirt thing either, and capes require level 20. So… yeah.

<b><a href=“”>Spazzy</a>, Mutation Claws/Super Reflexes Scrapper.</b>

This is the closest I could get to something resembling a tiger. Sadly, there is no way to remove the pants, so I went with traditional hobo pants.

<b><a href=“”>Faetan</a>, Natural Fire/Fire Blaster.</b>

Looks pretty similiar to some of Fae’s drawings, though I couldn’t get the hairband in the actual hair, and the shirt is a bit short.

Now give me suggestions, grar.

Oh shush. Kat’s going a serious overhaul in her looks when I finally start my origins story. She does share the Acrobatic Rage style with me, but I also add Drunken Saikyo Master to mine

Bah…I’m waiting for City of Villains to come out. Heh heh heh… >D

You could try me. It shouldn’t be too hard, lots of earth tones. Look at Disney’s Black Cauldron.

Good work, TD. Hey, maybe I could borrow some of these characters for the next RPGC XMAS SAGA? Especially the Mods’. It’s getting old to always explain their absences during crises by saying “They’re away on a mission in Space!” :hahaha; (Old Justice League reference.)

Say, anybody knows if the old CHAMPIONS Character Design software is still available for free online? You could design some nifty costumes with that.

Too bad I have no money right now… CoH sounds like a game I might want to try. What are the Hero options? I’d like to be a wizard of some sort.

Wil, the character I made is pretty much the closest darn thing you can find of being “me” in the fic I started. (Although, I started Kat as a gunner in CoH, but she pretty much uses the same things as me… Although she’s got Red Magic instead of Blue… and she’s about as agile as Spidey…)

Whoa, I’m not necroing. At all. It’s still on the first page.

In my defense, I somehow clicked a link to here. Ahem.

Basically, City of Heroes gives you the choice of one of 7 archetypes (2 of which are unlocked after maxing out your first character, and are crazy alien things. Ignore them.) These archetypes determine what powers you can pick, what your strength are, etc. Along with archetypes you get to pick your Origin, which is how you got your powers (Mutant, Science, Natural, Magic or Technology) and design your costume. Origin affects what missions you get and what type of enhancements you can equip (more on that in a bit). All costume options are available to everyone.

Blaster (Ranged/Melee)
Defender (Buff and Debuff/Ranged)
Controller (Control/Buff and Debuff)
Scrapper (Melee/Defense)
Tanker (Defense/Melee)

Each archetype has unique powers that can be divided into those categories (though some powers carry over between archetypes). Blasters have mostly elemental ranged/melee attacks, scrappers have mostly weapons, etc. When you make your hero, you can choose 1 primary power tree, and 1 secondary power tree. So a Blaster can pick Fire Ranged and Energy Melee, but not Fire Ranged and Energy Ranged. You have to pick one of both your types of powers.

When you level up, you can choose individual powers from these trees. You can take fireball instead of build up, or whatever. There’s 8 powers in both trees, and you get to pick one of them every 2 levels. After level 6, you also get access to “power pools”, which are minor powers that everyone can take. Every hero can get Flight, or Medicine, or whatever you want. You can have up to a max of 4 power pools (you can get one more very late in the game, it’s a special one. Ignore it for now), and each pool has 4 possible powers which you can pick. So there’s a lot of choices in your exact super powers.

Then on the levels you don’t get a power, you get enhancement slots. You can put these on a power, up to a max of 6 per power, and they allow you to “slot” your power to improve aspects of it. Increasing accuracy or running speed or whatever. The things you improve your powers with are called enhancements, and can be bought from NPCs or dropped by enemies. You can also combine enhancements to make stronger ones, but that’s not really all that interesting or vital to know.

There are incredibly many different combinations of powers, so you can probably find something you like. For more info, check the <a href=“”>website</a>.