This is the greatest fighter ever made

Mmm panties

This one appeals to people who don’t want to go out at night.

Pity the Spec’s are too high…

Just play the Battle Raper series. They are pretty hardcore… and clothes fly off when you hit them! :slight_smile:

I must of missed that series…

Well, dropping ones trowers sometimes is an art form. Pantsu!!!

I heard about this one…that’s pretty fuckin’ intense.

I actually burst out laughing when I saw this. Or possibly giggling like a schoolgirl, up to you.

This gets a great big XD

I still remember when my friend and I spent hours playing Super Smash Brother Melee as Peach and Zelda trying to get the best panty shot. Now wiht every game we play and see a hot girl we have to know what color underwear she’s got.

That’s disturbing.

As for the topic, it is an interesting concept about having lfie refill having to do something to get the life to stay off permenately. Panty shots? Not quite my thing.

You’re a virgin, aren’t you?

… What the hell is it with underwear fetishes? I can understand bra, but y’know, the bottom part!?

(This coming from a male who likes anthromorpic females with cat ears.)

Because for some people, titfucking just isn’t as fun.

Yes I am, It is hard to talk to girls.

“Danny Glands (Golden Showerboy on MXC)”
Tit’s are nice, but “Down there” is where the real action is.

Yeah…but that’s really none of your business. The sad thing is that we weren’t drunk or anything.

On the internet, everything is our business.

It’s not that I really care. I have fulfilled my life long dream of being sigged. It pisses me off that I have a typo in it though.

In japanese men’s bathrooms there are used panties vending machines that include one pair of used panties and a photo of the girl who wore them.

A friend of mine went to japan as a forigen exchange student and came back scarred from some of the fucked up things he saw. :no2:

More like panties-fetish, than underwear fetish. Sorry. >_>;

I mean, aren’t they … uh, “It’s the most, explosive time of the month…”

Tries to explain via song

No, they don’t buy ones with blood, but they do value panties that’ve been wetted (sweat, natural lube or, more rarely, urine) over regular ones.