This is starting to turn out to be the most expensive war (dollar wise).

Infonick, im sorry this sounds so stupid but, cant you just quit?

Thanks guys for the explanation.

I used to talk to a guy online that was stationed in Germany for unknown reasons (he wasn’t allowed to tell me). He desperately wanted to go home but had to wait about 9 months because he was under contract. Wasn’t allowed to leave. Though that might not be the same as out and out quitting…

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Infonick, im sorry this sounds so stupid but, cant you just quit?

I could…but I’d go to jail for a long time, my record would be ruined and I would have a hell of a time getting a job. You see, the benefit of the military is that you have a job security. They can’t fire you, but you can’t quit. I don’t really want to quite either since it is pretty cool except for how much Bush wants to go to war.

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Bush wants to go to war.

Like father, Like son.

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Like father, Like son.

Not really. Bush Sr. only had one major war and that was more needed. In fact, he stopped when others pushed to go on. Plus, our actions in the first Gulf War did not deviate from our traditional foreign policy. Kuwait was invaded so we saved them. Clinton did a similar thing in Kosovo, it was just ended much faster and probably more tactfully.

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How would that help the Iraqis in any way?
It would help the Iraqis by letting them decide what to do, by not restricting their freedom, by not accidentally shooting them, by not destroying their property (, by not turning them against the United States by doing all of the above, and by offering them our advice and help instead of forcing it on them.

They would just be there with no protection an little police influence.
In that case, that wouldn’t be a huge change. We couldn’t stop the looting and we still can’t do a lot about the crime (and the destroyed infrastructure), which has greatly increased. That comes as no surprise if one knows that we’re even having trouble supplying our own troops, which is the one thing that, one thinks, we should be able to do well no matter what.

my opinion: if Bush keeps on ruling the world america that way for much longer, I think that him, the danish government, tony blair and the iraqee government are all to blame…

Let this be a lesson: You don’t drive tanks into marshlands, they get stuck.

Let us hope there will be a good alternative by election times.