This is simultaneously the greatest and geekiest thing ever

…That’s some dedication right there.

The best part…

I recognize all of the characters. (Though why Heifer is there is anybody’s guess?)

Yeah, I think the list cheesed its way through by using characters that aren’t known best for their roles in video games, like Heffer or Batman.

I agree with SG

That would explain why Yogi’s in there and Krabs.

Earthworm Jim and Ultraman are in there. I approve.

Crap, can’t forget Sam and Max. Nice list, with a few exceptions.

Well, I actually kinda liked Rocko’s SNES game. It just wasn’t long enough.
Though with “I”, I’m guessing they didn’t know his name is Pit.
I know my friend called him Icarus until he played Brawl.

How do you get Krabs out of Eu, anyways?

Its Eugene Krabs. So it works.