This is quite a surprise.;_ylt=AtlP7qPNsv3dMoraxFFr8s9uCM0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

Justice O’Connor is retiring from the Supreme Court. It’s even more surprising that she is leaving despite all of Chief Justice Rehnquist’s health problems. It’ll be very interesting to see who her successor will be.

hopefully someone better looking. Im not really into supreme court, cuz they suck. Judge judy is the only type of judicial crap i watch.

Wow! I feel dumber after reading this post. There is jsut so much wrong with this post I don’t even know where to start. I’ll start picking at it when I have the time, because it’ll take about a novel’s worth of a post to try to point out all of the stupidity.


EDIT: @Nick: Yea, i was suprised when i heard it as well. I thought for sure she would have mentioned this during all the media attention last week over the two cases they decided on.

Oh joy…now all of the surpreme court can be politically unbalanced.

I hope they get another hot old chick to replace her. Maybe Bea Aurther.

ah crap.

Maybe this will sound odd, but I’m hoping for a replacement that either pisses everyone off or makes everyone happy.

I’m scared, Bush has yet to appoint anyone capable/competent/sane to ANY position…

Can’t be arsed to read that.

ah crap, indeed.

Jesus, now I hope even more that Rehnquist makes it to 2009… otherwise, Bush will be appointing two SC justices, and with a Republican majority in the house and senate, it’ll practically be a walk in the park. He can very quickly turn the American judicial system into the Big Christian House of Laws.

Being a Christian, I actually shouldn’t mind TOO much if what your saying happens. However, if it did happened, I could see a bunch of Christian ideals being forced down people’s throats and laws being changed to reflect those ideals. That kind of thing makes me almost feel uneasy.

That’s sweet though, leaving the Court so she can take care of her ailing husband…

It wouldn’t be as bad since both O’Connor and Rehnquist are conservative and were appointed by Republicans; the two liberals on the court are still fairly young.

As for what Dark Knight said about Bush’s appointments to positions, Colin Powell wasn’t too bad.

So tell me, is ignorance really bliss? Or are you just acting like a stupid twat because you can?

That said… I have to wonder about who Bush will try to push through.

I think he’s going to use this opportunity to appoint someone that will appease the “liberals”, that way when the rest of the court begins to retire, he can throw on as many neocons as he can.

Colin Powell would have been a great choice, except they took a military man and made him Secretary of State, a diplomatic position. Then they forced him to give up everything about him I respected in order to follow Bush’s rules.

Too bad, I really used to respect him, and used to think he’d be our first black president.

And yes, SC is conservative, however, there are differences in extreme. This administration is so far from conservative as to technically be a whole new party.

I doubt he will do anything to appease the “liberals.” He hasn’t done anything with that in mind. As far as hes concerned, God speaks to him directly, and he is infallible. Yes, he has actually said both.

Oh joy. Let’s hope that the replacement is someone who comes to his or hers senses and goes liberal or at least moderate. It’s happened before.

No shit. I can’t take it. Good ol’ Dubyah is gonna place YET ANOTHER incompetent republican there. Abortion rights will vanish and Mom’ll get pissed all over again. I just hate this…

I think it’s hillarious. It’s pissing a lot of feminists off, so it’s fucking great, IMO.