This is pretty stupid...but i'll post it anyway

Both about addiction and MMORPGs.


It happens with everything that gives a lot of pleasure for a relative low cost. Alcohol, IRL luck games (think of casinos), chocolate, tobacco…

Just as it happens with them, online game will be unhealthy when the gamer reaches the point in which he’s lost control. When you can’t stop playing due to a psychological need of that game, it is as good as drugs. The main difference being that addiction for games is way more subtle than more common, concrete addictions.

That being said, I think the ‘Spouses Against Everquest’ are anti-game xiites. We need to get those who are psychologically ill to a clinic, not keep everyone from playing a game. As for the other link: interesting, I put it in my bookmarks and I will be sure to brwose through it through the next days. It seems more inclined towards neutral from the entrance page, and I liked the paper on online relationships (